I have been an avid Filson fan for many years and put my Filson gear to hard use. Living on the coast, I spend much of my outdoor time in the tough saltwater environment and Filson gear is up to the task. One of my most used items is the Cover Cloth Wading Jacket. If I go offshore, the so called "wading jacket" is ALWAYS part of my kit and it sees plenty of use ashore as well. It packs very well, it's short enough that it doesn't get in the way of a rod belt, it shakes off fish slime, blood and milt as easily as water and it has enough pockets I almost don't need a tackle box. I must also mention I've been using a Filson Foul Weather "Fly Fishing" vest for hard core surf fishing for several years with little apparent wear. Thanks to Filson for being a shining beacon of American quality amid a vast sea of junk. - Hal B Forsen San Clamente, CA