During a rainy few hunting days in Ohio, Gary Scotton discovers just how helpful his Filson clothing can be. His ability to stay dry and warm kept him out in the elements longer than his fellow hunters and allowed him to take home one of his best prizes to date. Opening day of the 2007 deer season in Ohio was a constant downpour. With temperatures in the upper 30s and a constant downpour, the season could not of opened any worse! From sun up to sun down I saw the waves of rain coming across the valley. While most of guys returned to camp early for lunch and quit early that day, I was able to stick out the entire day. My wool camo jacket, bibs and vest kept me amazingly dry. I hung my clothes to the wool burner when I got back to camp and they were dry in no time at all. The next morning came with much the same weather to start the day. Everyone else was slow out of camp that morning while I eased in my stand in the predawn darkness. Sometime after the sun was up I heard the cabin door slam as the others were finally coming out to hunt. Moments later, I could hear something running up the hill. When I looked down the hill all I could see was a buck running up the hill straight to me. Moments later, the deer was directly under my stand. After a well placed shot I was able to retrieve the largest buck of the season from our camp. The deer was my largest buck in several seasons (almost 20 years to be honest). If it was not for two busted tines, it would of been my largest deer I've harvested in Ohio. Your wool products kept me in the field! Without them I would of been lagging behind with everyone else. But their performance the previous day made me confident I could weather the day out. Your product have traveled with me all over North America as I pursue my hunting dreams. They keep me in the field during some of the worse weather Mother Nature can dish out. To be honest, the older I get, the more I appreciate the warmth, comfort, and security your products have afforded me in the field. I've attached a picture of my son and I from this past spring with his second turkey! As you can see, another rain soaked day here in Ohio.