Earlier this month, a couple of our own Filson employees hit the Grande Ronde for the fall Steelhead run.  Although we have some avid fishermen (and women), the main objective was to get some great photography.  We took along a professional photographer, Kelly James, out of Salem Oregon.  The weather was still very summer-like with high 80 degree temperatures.  Water temperature was perfect for steelhead – around 52 degrees.    Catching was tough, but the fishing could only be described as wonderful.  Grande Ronde scenery is truly spectacular with virtually every run providing a picturesque backdrop to some of the ‘fishiest’ looking water you can imagine.   We sincerely look forward to using the photos we captured to help us showcase our products in our 2012 catalogs and website.

Here are a few pictures we hope you enjoy.

Submitted by Harry Egler, Filson Marketing Dept.

Here’s our own Dan Drust fighting a nice 7lb buck!    Photo by Kelly James.



Mark Henson was one of our 3 guides.  He’s out of the Tri-Cities.   He’s providing a little instruction on fly choice in the photo above.  Photo by Kelly James.



Brett Wedeking was another of our guides.  He recently got engaged but we managed to pull him away from his new fiancé for his other love.  Photo by Kelly James.



We were truly fortunate to have Dec Hogan as our 3rd guide on the trip.  Dec is the author of “A Passion For Steelhead” and a true spey casting expert (he often refers to ‘skagit casting’).  He put on clinics for us during the 3- day float.   Photo by Kelly James.



Our trip was arranged by Troy Dettman, the owner of River Guides LLC.  He’s been in the business for over 20 years as a fly shop owner, fishing guide, and instructor. Troy coordinated all the logistics for our 3 day float.  Photo by Kelly James.



Kelly James was our pro photographer on the trip.  He worked hard and his work paid off nicely.  We hope you think so too!  Photo by Harry Egler.



Kelly James rowed a pontoon boat for ultimate flexibility and to get around quickly.    Photo by Harry Egler.



Dan Drust took the opportunity to do a little Chukkar hunting during the trip. Photo by Kelly James.



Muddlers were the fly of choice.  Photo by Kelly James.



The scenery on the Grande Ronde is truly awe inspiring.  Photo by Kelly James.



It’s hard to imagine a better place to spend time fishing and working on your loops.  This is my son, Jacob Egler- a real steelhead junkie.    Photo by Harry Egler.