ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-28The winter months had been rough.  Dark days veil the distance and wet wind pierces marrow.  The city skyscrapers hide among low clouds, mountains drown, windshields streak and stain with light played through endless precipitation. Those days, one can't help but wonder. Thoughts of spring shoot up like dandelions, wild-eyed and full of promise.  In the Northwest, the first signs of warmth shatter cocoons and stagnant lakes ripple and teem with life once again.  On one of the first beautiful days this year, the Filson team took to the highway with a car full of shooting vests, shotguns, and shells, and returned with endless appreciation for this new season.   Filson_Shooting_SportingClay-5ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-1ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-9ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-10ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-18ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-48ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-43ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-70ShootingMix-Spring-Filson-58

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