Whether they are taking care of business in another town, taking a much needed vacation or spending the weekend on a hunting or fishing trip, the every day man is constantly on the go. With all of this action, this type of man must have some quality clothing, durable shoes, functional bags and the accessories to come along as they board their next plane or set out on their next adventure. It is for this reason that we have taken the time to outline all the essentials for the traveling man.  So, are you a man on the road? Regardless of where you find yourself or what you find yourself doing, these items will keep you covered on your journey. Items listed start from the top left in the first column, run from top to bottom and end in the bottom right on the third column: Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. Since 1914 the Mackinaw Cruiser has been a staple to the traveling man's wardrobe due to its durability, functionality and warmth. Filson Moleskin Shirt. This shirt combines the softness and comfort you will be looking for on your travels with the rugged durability you expect. Filson Pleated Cargo Trousers. These pants combine comfort with the functionality of a few extra pockets. Also, consider our Travel Pants which offer the same comfort without the cargo pockets. Filson Medium Field Bag in Dark Tan. Ideal for long days in the field or traveling, this bag is meant to stay by your side without getting in your way. Sebago X Filson Kettle Boots. These boots are tough and stylish. Pack a pair of these for your travels and you'll be set to wander wherever you please. Filson Travel Kit. Sized to carry all of your personal travel items. The Travel Kit will be your ultimate travel companion. Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella. Made with heavy duty cover cloth, this umbrella protects against the toughest of wind and rain. It is light enough for easy carrying. Filson 1 1/2" Leather Belt. Made with the same material that is used for saddles the Filson leather belt can withstand the wear and tear of your everyday travels. Filson Mackinaw Cap. This wool hunting cap will keep your head warm in any weather and when things get really frigid you can put down the hidden ear flaps to protect yourself against the elements.