As spring gets closer, we are all itching to get out to shoot a few rounds off and freshen up our hunting skills. While we know that winter doesn’t stop avid hunters like yourselves from getting in the field, there is nothing like the sunshine and longer days of spring to get the adrenaline going. With spring turkey season just around the corner we put together some Filson essentials to take on your next hunting trip. Load up the truck boys and let’s hit the road! 1. Yukon Shooting Clay Coat:  The newly updated fit and arm movement of this coat make the shooting motion come easy. 2. Mackinaw Cap: Every man needs a solid head topper - especially for those brisk mornings. Our Mackinaw Wool keeps your head dry and warm. 3. Sportsman Bag: Is the back seat of your truck all collector of many things including your hunting gear? Consolidate and capitalize on your time by organizing all your hunting supplies in this neat bag. 4. Reversible Dog coat: If your four legged companion is coming along make sure they are bundled up in blaze orange. 5. Lined Goatskin Gloves:  If you are headed out early and staying till sundown, pack along a solid pair of gloves to keep away the chill and breeze.