FIL-408A-fp01   At Filson, we are a maker of protective garments, and we're proud to announce our brand-new outerwear made from one of the oldest insulating materials in the world - goose down. FIL-408A-fp03 2   The high-performance garments combine ethically sourced goose down with reliably rugged craftsmanship, creating durable, lightweight outerwear made at Filson, USA. Because of its structure and loft, goose down traps air to form a protective, breathable insulating layer. FIL-408A-fp04 100% European goose down garments can be scrunched up, packed down or stretched flat and they’ll continue to perform year after year. They can withstand getting soaked in a rainstorm and after drying they provide the same level of wind-resistant warmth. FIL-408A-fp05

Down Cruiser:


Reversible Down Vest:


Dakota Down Jacket:


Parka Cruiser - Wool:


Parka Cruiser - Tweed: