We are honored to once again have teamed up with Apolis Global, to manufacture the Philanthropist Briefcase. Not only does this piece serve as a rugged and stylish addition to your wardrobe, it was bred from the idea of helping others in need. To purchase a Philanthropist Briefcase of your own click here. Enjoy these words from Apolis! When we first released the Philanthropist Briefcase in 2009 we were grateful for the initial attention surrounding the release, as well as everything that we learned from Filson’s timelessness & standard for quality. Yet today, with our fourth re-stock of the Philanthropist Briefcase we are honestly more excited than ever before. Our excitement began in October 2011 when the mill in Uganda that partners with Invisible Children was able to produce 200 meters of their 17.5 ounce canvas naturally dyed black. We patiently waited for the canvas to slowly make its way Filson’s loading dock in Seattle and today we are excited to announce that with a total of 700 units to date of the Philanthropist Briefcase produced we have been able to utilize seven Ugandan farmers annual yield of cotton (Advocacy Impact 2011Uganda Project Film). Over the last couple years of working with Filson it is easy to understand that since they started in 1897 their approach hasn’t changed – “Might as well have the best.” We feel this approach is most accurately displayed throughout their Seattle manufacturing team, some of whom are lifers, that are privileged to call working at Filson their career. If you are ever in Seattle, stop by their flagship store and you can head to the back of the shop to look over this workshop, truly an American-made love story, that we are privileged to share with non-Seattleites!