Thanks to our founding father, we have been around since 1897 and the road to get to where we are today was one of dedication, hard work and development. While our motto stays the same, "Might as well have the best" and so does our fabric and methods, we continual strive to make the best products for fishermen, hunters, travelers, ranchers, and everyone in between. Here at Filson, we like to continually remind ourselves of our history and what got us here. Today we sat around talking over coffee and browsing through the archives, and remembered our ancestors helpful contributions during the cold and hard days of the Klondike Gold Rush. C.C. Filson saw a demand for quality goods during the distressing times in the Yukon. Bringing his pioneering spirit to Seattle in 1897, C.C. Filson found himself at the cusp of the Klondike Gold Rush and opened his namesake store, Filson’s Pioneer Alaska and Blanket Manufacturers. With the Gold Rush underway, Filson thrived in providing gear and apparel for miners to survive and function in the arduous conditions.