For our 2nd Annual Father’s Day Contest on Facebook we asked our fans to submit a story with us on why they admire their fathers. Megan Oldenstadt from Idaho shared her memories of her father and why she admires him. From a young age, my dad, taught me how to be resourceful, use my creativity and appreciate the beauty of life. From spending hours untying his tangled fishing line (in retrospect it kept me busy and out from underfoot in the boat) which developed my patience for detailed tasks to using power tools safely and properly from an age where I could barely see over the workbench- I always got to be “daddy’s helper” no matter what the task was. My favorite memories are being his tool jockey while he was under a car or boat working on the motor or getting up bright and early to help with whatever the Saturday morning project was. I was never excluded from activities because “I was a girl”, but I was never asked to give up my femininity either. I knew how to clean a fish and gut a deer as soon as my hands were big enough to hold a knife, yet at the same time I refused to wear anything other than a dress to school. I could change my own oil and handle simple car maintenance by the time I could legally drive, and I learned that gourmet camping meals are simple if your cook kit is set up properly.   A teacher, a father, a jack of all trades, a fisherman and a remarkable craftsman- his passion to learn and try new things, use his hands to create and to dream big have left a lasting influence on his children. My dad is a brilliant man, who had used his innovation, creative thinking and determination to grow a small hobby into a thriving business. He may not have excelled in the book style learning of school or gone to college, but his natural curiosity and rebellious nature have taken him far in life. He’s a big, burly sportsman kind of guy who never let me leave the house for school without a hug. He’s never let adversity slow him down, taking a challenge head on with full steam. I admire his ability to think outside the box, his courage to  trust his instincts even when those around him don’t agree and his openness to share himself and his “big” love to those near and dear to him. Every time I tackle something new, whether it be a home improvement project or a recipe in the kitchen, essences of my father and the lasting lessons of his guidance are there with me. And when I run into trouble (ie: car problems, a clogged pipe, leaky faucet) my dad is the first one I want to call, but now that I’m an adult I first stop and think WWDD? What Would Dad Do?. Often I can come up with the solution to the problem using the skills and guidance he provided all thoseyears growing up… then I can just call him to say hello and I love you.