The Filson Padded Computer Bag, is the perfect companion for the businessman on the go. The following are the core essentials that fit nicely into the routine. What's in your Filson bag? 1. Filson wallet 2. Filson dog leash: For those with a four-legged buddy it's easy to throw in a leash for a quick lunchtime walk. 3. Journal: You never know when a solid idea is going to come to mind, whether in a meeting, at an event or going about your everyday chores. Having a notebook handy is a trade of a savvy businessman. 4. A solid read: For the commute, the 15 minute midday break or while sitting at the airport gate having reading material keeps you fresh and gives your mind a break from your email inbox. 5. Flask: Just in case...For a rainy day. 6.  Packer Hat: Every man need a head topper. 7. Glasses