Filson tries to evaluate each product incident to gage if we should repair/replace items damaged in use.  Some products cannot be repaired; other times, we may be able to repair it for a small cost of labor required to mend it.  In some cases we cannot accept responsibility for repair or replacement (product has been in use for many years, misuse, abuse, etc.).  We tend to err on the side of doing what is right for each customer and the particular circumstances. I had always held Filson in high esteem for the wonderful line of upland clothing I had seen in catalogs and on “other” hunters. I personally started buying Filson gear regularly when I got into the Outdoor Industry 13 years ago and had them as a client. I had not even had so much of a hiccup with anything I had purchased until one day in Northeast, MT on a winter pheasant hunt about 8 years ago. A group of 6 friends or so had been scouring the fields outside of Plentywood, MT for a couple of days. On this particular day I was walking an irrigation ditch opposite a soy bean field with my ever present hunting companion, my black lab Drake. As I was looking for a clear area to drop down into the field I became distracted by movement off to my left and while looking (and walking) my next step was into a critter hole. The next thing I knew I was ass over tea kettle rolling down the hill…gun going one direction with shells flying out of my shell pouch everywhere. When I finally came to a stop my dog was standing over me and looked at me like “what the _ _ _ _ !”. Not one of my finer moments in the field. I got up and brushed myself off, checked myself out, Grabbed my hat and then started to comb through the brush for shells and anything else I may have lost out of my pockets at the time. I picked up my gun checked it over good and again started on my way. As I was walking however I noticed an airy sensation on my backside and upon further inspection discovered that somehow I had torn a rather large hole in my Filson Lightweight Brush Pants. Soon enough my buddies had all caught on to my airy derriere and ribbed me pretty good. I had a second pair of Filson’s on the trip so things would be fine. Upon my return to Seattle I stopped by the store to see if my pants could be repaired; figuring I would pay them whatever to sew them back up. I had after all apparently caught them on something pretty sharp on my tumble since the tear was in an “L” shape and not on a seam. The person at the counter that listened to my story, chuckled, then said, “This looked to be quite a spill”… I concurred recollecting the event as it unfolded. Then to my surprise he pointed towards the shelf in the back and said, “Go grab a new pair!” without batting an eye. Wow…was all I could think and thanked him immensely. I have been a true Filson believer ever since and have told this story countless times. It’s this kind of attention to Customer Service and backing up of a quality product that will keep me coming back as a loyal Filson customer for years to come.