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Story by Jainee Dial of WYLDER
Photography by Abbi and Callen Hearne

There is a secret language that exists between horses and humans. Voices hold no value, and there is instead, a palpable yet quiet communication between animal and rider. Volumes of silent dialogue are conveyed through body language.

As prey animals, horses are constantly on guard for predators. Given the choice, they would always rather run than fight. This is not a learned behavior; evolution has provided them with this instinct. If something scares them, they try to leave and will only fight if they are cornered and have no other option.

Fight or flight.

We all know this dilemma and I have been playing out these two options i...Read More


Story by Lindsey Elliott of WYLDER
Photography by Abbi and Callen Hearne 

Over the last two years, I’ve spent the majority of my time pursuing uncertainty in the mountain west. From the time I got my first fly rod, eight months passed along the rivers of Montana, Colorado, California, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho before I caught a single fish. I’ve stalked through the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in search of Mule Deer, walked the fields of Kansas trying to kick up birds, traversed the slopes behind my grandparents house stalking turkeys with my bow, and have forayed into business by starting a company for the modern outdoorswoman, called Wylder. The only thing left predictable is the five minutes eve...

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On the latest Filson Life, writer Emily Wittenhagen traveled to Port Orchard, WA and spent the day with Liberty Elias Miller to find out more about live-aboard life in Washington's marinas. 


“There was this moment where everything almost went into slow motion and I was thinking, I’m really here. This is really it. I am really doing everything I have dreamed of since I was a tiny girl, and I’m not even scared.”

Liberty and I are in the wheelhouse at the top of the M/V Liseron, and she has me gripped in the middle of a story about fighting Tunisian bluefin poachers in the Mediterranean Sea. Then it starts to hail. For a moment the non-stop conversation we’ve been having for the past three hours ...

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Located on more than 16 acres of land in Curwensville, Pennsylvania, Wickett and Craig are one of the last specialty tanneries still operating in the U.S.A. Since 1867, Wickett & Craig have specialized in the labor and time-intensive method of vegetable tanning, a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, distinctive leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina. Below, take a tour through the extensive Wickett & Craig tannery, and learn more about our storied partnership.

Photography and video courtesy of Andrew David Watson.

wickett and craig

Filson's unique partnership with Wickett & Craig is built upon 20 years of collaboration and has brought together some of the most knowledgeabl...

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Cody Humphrey grew up in Hermiston, Oregon helping out on his family's farm from the age of nine. As a young man, he spent his days alongside his father bucking hay, changing irrigation pipes, and tending to animals, learning to appreciate discipline and hardwork as lifetime values. Cody comes from a long line of farmers and as Father's Day approaches, we reached out to him to describe his memories of the outdoors formed with his Dad, who worked with him on the farm and also brought him to the mountains to hunt and fish.

Filson Life - Cody Humphrey, Father's Day

I have been blessed to have a loving father that was such a great role model in mine and my brother’s life. Since I was 2 years old, my dad has had me with him hunting and fi...Read More

Chuck Ragan is a family man, an outdoorsman, craftsman and musician. From The Blanco River in Texas, the woods and water of Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia, the marsh and bayou of Southwest Louisiana and the salt and freshwater of Florida, Ragan was raised chasing fish, game and adventures in the outdoors while at the same time, sharing music worldwide from an early age.  Ragan relocated to Northern California in 2007 where he continued his career in music, found peace in the foothills, lakes and rivers and has begun raising a family. As Father's Day approaches, we reached out to Chuck to discuss his new role as a father, a challenge he couldn't be more excited to take on.

Filson Life - Chuck Ragan, Father's Day
When I stop long e...

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Jillian Lukiwski, also known as The Noisy Plume, describes herself as a gregarious hermit, bohemian redneck, silversmith, and photographer and writer in the interior West. As Father's Day approaches, we reached out to her to describe her memories of the outdoors formed with her Dad, who worked in the National Parks of Canada when she was growing up.


Filson Life - Jillian Lukiwski, Father's Day


My father and I trailer two horses to Birdtail Bridge. I am six years old. We ride into a backcountry camp so my father can check on some hikers. When we arrive, I can see they are romanced by his mustache, uniform and tall sorrel gelding. They are also obviously charmed by me, perched like a tenacious burr on my palomino.


I dismount and walk ar...

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Filson Life - Iditarider


During the ceremonial start of the Iditarod®, the city of Anchorage comes alive. Thousands of Alaskan Huskies fill the streets, eager racers prepare their teams, and a few lucky people get to experience the race themselves by riding in the seat of a musher's dog sled. In February, Filson ran a contest to celebrate the race, and offer one of these Iditarider experiences to a very lucky fan. The winner of our contest, Donzi K. from California, got to travel to Alaska to enjoy the festivities and travel by dog sled for miles. Below, she shares her experience with us, as an Iditarider and a first time visitor to Alaska.



I'm from California. I live in the small town of Ojai. It's probably not t...

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Filson Life - Photographer Corey Arnold 

Corey Arnold is a fine art photographer based in Portland, Oregon. His work examines man’s relationship with the natural world including animals, food production, and environmental issues. Since 2002, he has photographed his life at sea working as a Bering Sea Crab fisherman and documented his summers captaining a sockeye salmon fishing boat in Alaska. In the off-season he continues to explore the world’s commercial fisheries in an ongoing project entitled Fish-Work. His photographs have been exhibited worldwide and published in Harpers, The New Yorker, New York Times LENS, Art Ltd, Rolling Stone, Time, Outside, National Geographic, Mare and The Paris Review among others. Corey has publishe...

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Filson Life - Self-Sufficiency on the High Seas

On the open ocean, there is no room for error. Traveling hundreds of miles from port, crews aboard commercial fishing vessels face an endless onslaught of crashing waves and rough weather with only their experience in repairs and diligence in maintenance to ensure a safe return. On-board the 133-foot F/V Arctic Lady, every crew member is expected to pull their own weight —and then some. This means dedication day-and-night during the frenetic fishing season to keep the boat clean, serviced, and ready for anything the Bering Sea can throw at them.


On the open ocean, there is no room for error.


Filson Life - Self-Sufficiency on the High SeasFilson Life - Self-Sufficiency on the High SeasFilson Life - Self-Sufficiency on the High Seas


The Arctic Lady is propelled through heavy weather by two 3412 Caterpillar engines, powered by two 3...

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