Every winter brings about new adventure, and if you’re like us here at Filson, no weekend is ever boring. But, with each winter also comes cold (ok, sometimes REALLY cold weather). That’s why, regardless of how many days you are trying log hunting, ice fishing, skiing or anything else along those lines, sometimes you just have to take some time off from the grind of good old winter time. In our opinion, there’s no better way to do so than to plan an exotic fishing trip with a few of your buddies. So, take a look at these destinations for a mid-winter fishing excursion. Belize. Spin, fly, and troll fishing are offered year-round in Belize with an abundance of game to be caught including: grouper, bone fish, tarpon, marlin, sail fish, and many more. Belize is unique in that you can catch big game fish from both the shore and deep sea. For more information regarding travel to Belize visit www.travelbelize.org. Bimini. Located in the Bahamas, Bimini is an island split into two (North and South) that has earned itself the name, “Game Fishing Capital of the World.” Just 50 miles south of Florida, you can find bonefish, permit, tarpon, and bluefish among others. For more information regarding travel to the Bahamas please visit www.bahamas.com. Cabo San Lucas. If you are looking to break some records, Cabo is the place to be. This spot south of the border boasts some of the largest striped marlin, pacific blue marlin and yellowtail around. We suggest you look into booking a deep sea trip soon though as they tend to book up quickly. For travel information regarding Cabo San Lucas check out www.visitloscabos.travel. Key West. Low and behold you don’t have to leave the country to access a premier exotic fishing hole. The southern most point of the United States is home to some trophy gage grouper, king mackerel and tarpon. In Key West, you can experience flats, deep sea or light tackle fishing, and never go wrong. For further information about travel to Key West go to www.fla-keys.com. Regardless of where you decide to go for your winter fishing excursion, you’ll be making the right decision. Each of these destinations provide top notch fishing and will make memories to last a lifetime. Don’t forget to bring along these Filson fishing essentials: a Fishing Waist Pack to keep all your hooks and bait close to you, a Travel Long Sleeve Shirt and a Shelter Cloth Packer Hat to protect you against the elements, a leather and Steel flask to keep you going, and a Passage Rolling Carryon to hold all your travel gear.