Peter Searson of Mill Valley, CA has been a surfer since 1979 and he knows a good wave when he sees it. But in Northern California, the best wave breaks come in the colder months. After discovering the Yukon Cape Coat in his brother-in-laws fly fishing magazine he was hooked to the warmth it provided before a surf. The coat continues to be his jacket of choice after 21 years. One day, he will pass it along so he can enjoy the simple pleasure of a morning surf. I have been a surfer in California since 1979. After moving to San Francisco in 1989, I realized waves really only broke well during the fall and winter months. Early mornings were brisk and my outerwear assortment fell very short of the mark. My brother-in-law was a fly fisherman. During one visit in 1990, I was flipping through his fly fishing magazine and stumbled on what looked like a perfect, early morning Ocean Beach jacket to keep me warm before the inevitable change into the wetsuit. This was pre-internet so I just called the number on the ad to inquire about the Yukon Cape Coat. I believe it was a fly fishing shop somewhere in the Pacific NW. The old timer gave me a brief description and things sounded pretty good, except the price. It was a little steep for me being a 25 year old kid out of college looking for some financial footing. I was on the fence about it then he closed it with, "Son, you will give this to your grandson someday." The only thing I could say was "sold!" 21 years later, it is still my go-to jacket for the early morning surf.