Throwback Thursday

Filson Trucker JacketAfter four years of constant use, intrepid excursions around the world, and endless encounters with the bottom of truck beds, duffle bags, and carry-ons, this trucker jacket speaks for itself.  Displayed next to a brand-new trucker -- fresh from the factory floor -- the beauty and character of age is made distinct and compelling.  The oil finish cracked and patterned, the moleskin collar softened and lightened in color, the buttons brazen and fatigued; all reminders of the memories made while worn.  From the Great Wall of China to the rocky wind-torn shores of Washington, the Oil Finish Trucker Jacket yearns for more.Filson Trucker JacketFilson Trucker JacketFilson Trucker JacketFilson Trucker JacketFilson Trucker JacketFilson_Trucker_Jacket-1Filson_Trucker_Jacket-21
FilsonBrownGreenWhiteMackinawCoat_smallereditProudly displayed in the 1951 catalog, this unique implementation of the Mackinaw Coat in a Brown-Green-White plaid was a rarity.  Produced for a limited run, and never featured in known print again, we are lucky enough to have one of these garments in our historic collection.  62 years later, this coat continues to impress.Vintage-Mackinaw-Cruiser-Filson-7Vintage-Mackinaw-Cruiser-Filson-1[gallery link="file" ids="2868,2867,2871,2865,2874,2878,2869,2866,2873"] 


Constantly searching through the past for further explanation of the Filson story, we found this photograph hidden among past catalogs, antique letterpress equipment, and advertisements long gone from print.  In the picture stands a young Ray Johnson, outfitted in a work-worn assortment of Filson Tin Cloth and a knowing smile.  The photo was taken in the early 1920's while Ray was working in Castle Rock, Washington, located at the heart of the states' timber country.  Regrettably, that's all the information we have on this photograph; it was hand-written and scrawled on the back of the print.  In turn, our imaginations are flooded with the scent of rain-soaked Tin Cloth, dreary days at the f...

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Vintage Alaskan Guide Shirt Small - Filson"I have been a life long Filson man.  I am a 70 year old retired commercial fisherman and a full time commercial shell fisherman, fishing 200 plus days a year.  I demand the best gear I can buy.  Ten years ago I purchased this cotton shirt, 1,800 day's worth and 1,000 washes give or take a few hundred.  This shirt has not lost a single button.  I have been sewing buttons on my shirts for 50 years.  When I cut the sleeves off this shirt  I kept them for they still had their 4 buttons!  I finally threw out the sleeves knowing that I would never lose a button from this shirt." -- Eddie Reid, South Chatham, MAVintage Alaskan Guide Shirt Small - Filson[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2469,2473,2463,2476,2465,2466,2477,2478,2474,2471...Read More