On the weekend of March 30-31, I, Wyatt Roetcisoender, participated in my very first shooting competition in the freezing rain and hail. I missed most of the thrown clay pigeons, but Bill Simmons helped me get the 71-72/200 of the doubles that changed every day of the competition. He supported me when I missed and I supported him when he (Rarely) missed. I started hunting two years ago when I was eleven years old with my Dad and Grandpa.  We love to go duck and deer hunting. My father and I both practice by shooting hand thrown clay pigeons at our Dairy farm, so seeing how fast the targets moved at the competition was very surprising.  We both had a blast (Literally) and we hope to do this again. I’d like to start off with thanking Filson (Outdoor Clothing) for the warm and water-proof clothing that was given to me. Amy Terai helped me pick the right clothes out at Filson. They all fit me well and (as promised) were, indeed, water-proof, very warm, and comfortable. The carrier that hooked on to my belt was really convenient in the competition.  In Seattle, I watched Filson make the clothes (not the exact ones that I wore in the competition) and It was a very cool experience. Even in that freezing rain, I felt prouder than heck to be wearing Filson clothing, the warmest, most dry, and comfortable clothing for shooting and hunting. I must thank Bill Simmons, my shooting Ambassador/Partner, for all of the help and advice that I hope that I used wisely while I shot at the clay pigeons. When golf carts full of people asked questions, Bill would finish talking to me or any other person he was talking to before he’d leave. If I wasn’t having trouble, he’d congratulate me and leave me alone. If another person was having more trouble than me, he would go and help them. Bill was always positive even if he missed, and he kept everyone up in the spirits (happy). Bill told me a trick, imagine the clay pigeon in the middle of a clock and shoot in front of where it was heading (If the pigeon goes left, shoot 9:00). If it wasn’t for Bill Simmons, I wouldn’t have gotten my 42/100 on the second day of the tournament. I really appreciate being partnered up with Bill for my first shooting tournament. I would also like to thank TruckVault. TruckVault paid my entrance fee for the tournament and I really appreciate that. The competition was hard, but because of TruckVault, I did not have to worry about paying the entry fee and I could concentrate on having fun and doing my best. What TruckVault makes is a mechanism that comes out of the back of the truck (In the Truck bed) and it slides out so you don’t have to get up and get the heavy equipment out by hand.  I can see that it would make it very nice to haul all your hunting gear using this equipment. Since my father and I love to bird hunt, we like to throw trap up and then shoot them. We have always wanted to be involved in a shooting competition. The course at the Seattle Skeet and Trap Club (SST) was really challenging. Instead of my dads’ hand thrown, the skeet were going what seemed like 90 mph left, right, up, and down. The place where the competition was being held offered golf carts to drive around the 15-course-track. I could tell that everyone was there to have a good time and not just to win and get the prizes and the cool trophy. The Seattle Skeet and Trap Club offered the best deals for boxes of shells, and the course was really cool. Instead of the usual 13-single skeet, they had doubles that changed every day of the competition. I would also like to thank the Outdoor line talk show for buying my shells. Second to my shotgun, that was the biggest thing that I needed for shooting the clay pigeons. They even talked about me on their radio channel (710 am Kiro). Therefore, I must thank Rob Endsley for all of the needed shells. Finally, I want to thank Filson, Bill Simmons, Amy Terai, Outdoor Line Talk Show, Rob Endsley and Truckvault for everything I needed for the shooting Competition. I appreciate the opportunity to represent all of your companies; it was an honor and a very exciting experience for my first shooting competition. Sincerely, Wyatt James Roetcisoender Age 13