When you talk to Rudy you can’t help but see a man who is passionate about the heritage of hunting and the stories it creates. We are excited to highlight season 2 of "Huntography" on Filson Life, which follows hunters in deer camps, over 12 states, all who have connected through social media and their love for American hunting. Everything kicks off tomorrow, safe Travels Rudy! Huntography is a grassroots hunting movement. I am on a journey to film and document the authentic stories and experiences of America’s hunters, one at a time. Through first person storytelling, I want to show what really happens in our deer camps. It’s a type of reality that has been missing from outdoor television and videos. One that everyday hunters want to see and can truly relate to. To add another level of uniqueness, I wanted to use social media to find some folks to film for season 2 of Huntography. Actually, that turned out to be quite easy. You see, when I started getting active on Twitter, Facebook and blogs within the deer hunting niche last October, I just followed, friended and talked to regular folks like you and me who were talking about deer hunting online. The conversations came naturally as we all had the same interest in common. Over the course of a few months, I had found myself talking to these folks virtually everyday about deer hunting. Now think about that for a second. Although the deer hunting season had ended, our passion for deer hunting had kept us online and communicating with each other. In the traditional offline world, most hunters typically go back to their daily routines and don’t have the burning passion for hunting on their minds 24-7. So for season 2 of Huntography, I wanted to tell the story of some of these super passionate hunters who used online technology to share their whitetail deer hunting passions. Hence the title - Getting Social with America’s Whitetail Deer Hunters. 1 Huntographer. 12 States. 19 Deer Hunters. 5,000 Miles. Fall 2011 Starting October 15th, I will make the journey across America for the social media deertour. From deer camp to deer camp, I will capture what everyday hunters experience before, during and after the hunt. To make it even more challenging, I will be using multiple Canon HDSLR cameras. These cameras are not the standard within the hunting industry. They are mostly used by indie documentary film makers to tell a story in a more cinematic fashion. From my first hand experience using them in season 1 of Huntography, I can say that it is very challenging to get everything right. This includes lighting, audio, focus and more. But it’s this challenge that’s drives me to try harder. And when everything comes together, the reward is quite satisfying. All the hunters that I’ll be filming, including myself, will be using social media to share what is happening in real time. This means you’ll see LIVE status updates, photos and videos right from the tree stand and deer camp on Twitter, Facebook and our blogs. Since we announced the deer tour 3 months ago, we’ve had a good amount of grassroots interest not only from hunters but from outdoor hunting companies. Many of which have shown support for our cause by donating their products directly to the hunters on the social media deer tour. For this, we are all thankful. Huntography is here to tell a story. It's the unique stories that bring hunters together. And nothing tells a better, more vivid story than video. We’ll use social media and technology to help like-minded hunters better connect with each other across the country, from online to offline. To get a glimpse of what to expect, please watch last years trailer. See you in the woods.