Brian Merriam - Upstate New york - Filson - HawkBrian Merriam is an artist and musician, currently devoting the majority of his time to film photography. Originally from upstate New York, he has resided in Brooklyn for the last 8 years. This Summer, Brian takes to the solace of Upstate New York to escape the heat.

My New York State road atlas lies on the dashboard. It's coat of winter dust has been freshly blown off, and it's open to a random page half hanging off the spiral binding. We got out early, before the city really starts to bake. The sun is to our backs as we head west, then north. Where do I want to go, and what's the longest, most convoluted way to get there? There's a lot of roads in my home state, and it's my intent to drive them all. 30 summers and counting and I doubt I'm even close. This time, the destination is a swimming hole about 3 hours outside the city. Home lies about 2 hours further northwest, and I won't be making the trek all the way there today. Soon enough though. Old friends and forests and rivers to visit, and I have a lead on a waterfall I've never seen about an hours drive from my father's house. I'll keep you posted.

The water is high this year. Twice now I've struggled in thigh deep water to cross rivers that barely wet my ankles last year. 40 feet down below, a little extra depth in the splash-down pool is slightly more reassuring. Slightly. Summer is here again in Upstate New York, and its time to jump. 3..2...1...1...Brian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson 8Brian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson 7Brian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson 3Brian Merriam - Upstate New york - Filson - From AboveBrian Merriam - Upstate New York - Filson - CampfireBrian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson 4Brian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson 6Brian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson39130019Brian Merriam - Upstate NY - Filson 5