Depth In The Field

Venison Shanks cooked and served with sauceAsk a dozen hunters what their favorite cut of meat is on wild deer and you will likely get a handful who tell you it is shanks. The shank is a cut that gets a good work out, especially on wild game, and as a result it has a lot of flavor. Made up of a handful of muscles that all terminate at the joint on the shank, there is a lot of connective tissue holding it all together. When cooked properly, this connective tissue breaks down and adds a great richness and luster to any dish. This recipe is simple one, light on ingredients and lots of room for the shanks to take center stage and shine.

This recipe can be made with shanks from any animal, even crosscut beef shanks, just be sure to adjust ...Read More

pots of syrup boiling over campfireMaple syrup was first collected by the native people of North America. While there are no verified accounts of how maple syrup production began, one popular legend suggests maple sap being used in place of water to cook venison served to a Native American chief.

The majority of the world’s maple syrup supply is produced in the Northeastern part of the continent. The sap consists of about 98% water and 2% sugar – to make the syrup, the sap must be boiled allowing the water to evaporate. The final product is roughly 33% water and 67% sugar content. The darker the syrup the stronger the flavor. 

The state of Vermont – the top U.S. producer of maple syrup – distinguishes four different maple syrup...

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On the latest Filson Life, marine biologist Alyssa Adler shares with us her love of underwater exploration and polar diving as Undersea Specialist at Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic on Part III of our three-part series, Depth in the Field: Diving Deep with Alyssa Adler. 

Story by Alyssa Adler 
Photography by Alyssa Adler and Ryder Redfield

Submerged to 40 feet depth my two dive buddies and I sat kneeling to film a crinoid, an ancient ancestor to the sea star which hasn’t evolved for millennia. Crinoids are nearly alien creatures, without complex vision but equipped with the ability to flee from potential predators by whirling their five arms against the water, allowing them to swim to ...

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On the latest Filson Life, marine biologist Alyssa Adler shares with us her exploration underwater as Undersea Specialist at Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic on Part II of our three-part series, Depth in the Field: Diving Deep with Alyssa Adler. 

Story by Alyssa Adler 
Photography by Alyssa Adler and Ian Strachan

I buckle my fins and sweep my right arm behind me to locate my breathing apparatus before shifting back, finding that edge of balance on the Zodiac’s pontoon. The day is calm, silence accented by the gentle popping and rolling of behemoth cerulean icebergs nearby. I turn my head and scan the dark, still water, ensuring that the loosely packed surface ice has cleared from my ent...

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On the latest Filson Life, marine biologist Alyssa Adler shares with us her journey to becoming Undersea Specialist at Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic on Part I of our three-part series, Depth in the Field: Diving Deep with Alyssa Adler. 

Story and Photography by Alyssa Adler 

In cold water diving, sight is your strongest sense. Touch is inhibited by the thick exposure gear covering your body and hands. A hood, pulled tight over your head, leaves sound muffled and strange. The only smell you may experience is that of your breath as you occasionally exhale to equalize your mask. The rare slip of the regulator mouthpiece might allow a brief taste of your new environment, but nothing els...

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In this Filson Life, we joined wildlife filmmakers Casey Anderson and Brad Orsted of VisionHawk Films in the snowy high desert of western Montana as they track a wild Mountain Lion named Mama Mo.


The sun rises during an early morning wind storm in a valley outside of Bozeman, Montana. Filmmakers Casey Anderson and Brad Orsted have already been up for hours, scanning the landscape for four white spots through their thermal binoculars; a mountain lioness and her three cubs whose bodies glow bright in the heat sensing optics. Despite winds reaching 40 mph, the lioness makes an appearance on a peak a few miles away, returning home from a long night of caring for her cubs (read: killing a mule dee...

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In this Filson Life Photographer Forest Woodward continues his series Left of West, dedicated to the documentation of communities whose roots run strong and deep, who against all odds have weathered the passing of industry and resource booms, sustaining life on the oscillating and wild edges of the cultural and physical frontiers of human existence. Below, Forest travels to the remote community of Stehekin in the North Cascade mountains, to spend time with the Courtneys, a family that have been running an outfitting operation in the area for generations.


Deep in the heart of the North Cascades, isolated from the outside world by the rugged terrain in which it is situated, lies the small commu...Read More
Lifestyle photographer, Camrin Dengel, is a storyteller with a focus in slow living. She favors old things with new purpose, dutch oven cooking and photographing people that work with their hands. Below, Camrin shares with us a glimpse into the places and community that make Teton Valley, Idaho, her home. 

You can find more of Camrin's work on the daily through her Instagram.



Teton Valley lies along Idaho’s south eastern border, just over the Teton Range from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The hills move from rolling to rugged quickly and the land bares big animals and fast little ones. Wide open spaces and big skies make this place feel like summer vacations when I was little, visiting my grandparent...Read More
To celebrate the launch of the Stetson made for C.C. Filson Co. limited edition hats, we partnered with American singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim. Slim is a rambler, who has been traveling since his early twenties, but recently made Nashville, Tennessee his home. In between tours, we caught up with Slim to discuss his favorite haunts in Nashville, how he balances his life on the road, and some of his favorite up and coming artists. Enjoy Slim’s curated Spotify playlist, and make sure to catch him in person at our launch event in New York City on October 30th.


Filson: Give us a little of your back story. How’d you grow up? Where are you from?

Sim: I grew up in Pennsylvania in a small town out...Read More

Filson Life - Thosh Collins

Anthony "Thosh" Collins has spent the last eighteen years documenting and sharing the beauty, strength, intelligence, and resiliency of the Native cultures of the West and their unique landscapes. Rooted in his O'Odham heritage, a tribe from Salt River, Arizona, he utilizes photography to promote a positive image of Indigenous people and the land they inhabit. Thosh was featured in the April Filson Catalog, you can find more of his work here.


Filson Life - Thosh Collins

Photographs are like entities. In my 18 years as a photographer, I have witnessed many things that these entities can do. Some are powerful, igniting social consciousness on a global scale. At their best, they have the ability to instill feelings of hop...

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