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Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-2 There's nothing like winter steelheading. The search for the elusive slivers of chrome in dark green water is wrought with frustration, undeniable joy, and constant anticipation. Much like panning for gold, it's an exercise in determination and persistence, and offers comparable bounty to those who show commitment to the cold. As our breath collected in clouds and frozen rain fell on a late December morning, we pointed the car east towards Fall City, Washington. We drove on with hopes of landing some silver on the Snoqualmie River. Alas, the fish had different plans that day. Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-8Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-20Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-66Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-52Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-53Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-23Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-29Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-31Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-59Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-63Snoqualmie-Steelhead-TravisGillett-78 
nickflows13Nick Stevens grew up in Seattle, Washington making art, exploring the city, and venturing into the abundant wilderness areas surrounding Puget Sound. In 2012 he graduated from Seattle University with a BFA in Photography and moved to Port Angeles, Washington to work for the Washington Conservation Corps and live closer to the mountains and the ocean.nickflows01I joined up with the Washington Conservation Corps last October. The program is designed to give young adults job training, leadership skills, and some money for school. My crew operates out of Port Angeles, Washington.nickflows02nickflows04We split our time between trail work in the Olympic National Park and re-vegetation efforts on the Elwha River Restoration Projec...Read More in the Field:WILDLIFE PRESERVATION FROM A HUNTER'S PERSPECTIVE, WYOMING from Filson on Vimeo.Jeff Short, a wildlife biologist and survey coordinator with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, heads the Southwest Wyoming Radio Collaring Project to study the seasonal habitats, movement and fawn survival of Mule Deer. Since the last Mule Deer study in the mid-80s, southwest Wyoming has suffered a decline in deer, much like other areas of the western United States. The information collected from this project will help determine necessary habitat treatments, set hunting seasons and overall deer herd management. Through family hunting traditions, Jeff’s love of the ou...Read More
Bob’s Sustainable Ranching Story - Filson in the Field Video, Wyoming from Filson on Vimeo.Bob Taylor, with the help of his wife Maggie and their daughter, Marisa, raise organic, grass fed, Black Angus beef cattle on Lonetree Ranch in Lonetree, Wyoming. An accomplished veterinarian (and one time host and focus of Animal Planet's Emergency Vet), Bob spends about 365 days a year applying a blend of art and science to the task of managing their land and animals in a way that considers the preservation of natural resources and protects natural ecosystems. "Because we believe it is the right thing to do, and because it is the best business practice for a sustainable future. "

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