Eaglerock Kennels has been breeding some of the finest English Setters ever to point a bird for over 38 years. These loyal companions are as at home in the outdoors as they are by the fireplace. Filson pro-staffer and manager of Eaglerock Kennels, Michael Thompson can thank his trusted Filson gear and good bloodlines for continued successful hunts in the field.  We at Eaglerock Setters pride ourselves in a rich heritage of breeding, trialing, training, and hunting some of the finest English Setters available; the Eaglerock Setter.  Founded by the late John Yates and now continued by myself and my wife Tammy we have refined and refined again many of the finest bloodlines to produce the Eaglerock Setter; a companion gundog steeped in tradition and sure to please even the most discriminating upland gunner. It was our goal to not only carry on the tradition of having fine dogs but also to make owning an Eaglerock an unique experience for our clients. Just as we have painstakingly researched and bred to provide an exceptional dog we are as particular in placing our dogs in homes where they will excel in all they do.  From birth until the puppy goes home clients are kept updated and informed on the pups progress. It is always exciting when they get their first bath, have a collar placed on them, walk on a lead, and of course point.  The interaction lends itself to clients who become friends.   Friday and Saturday November 2- 3, 2012 was our first Puppy Luncheon.  Clients traveled in from as far away as Maine and Michigan to participate. On Friday I took the guys hunting over the of father of this litter and another couple of our setters.  We had a great hunt and it gave them the opportunity to see not only how our dogs hunted but also what gear we used.  This is my full time job so my suit of choice is Filson.  It can get pretty nasty in here in PA between the multi-floral roses and the weather so these guys got to see where their gear fell short.  Needless to say they borrowed Tin Chaps and Gamebags in an attempt to keep up. Saturday was the luncheon which was a smashing success.  Clients got to visit and get to know each other, swap hunting and dog stories, and have a question and answer time all while playing with their new pups and enjoying a catered lunch.  There was a demo table set up with some of my new Filson gear, RST shotshells, and some training books from my predecessor John Yates.  At the close of the day the Purina sent everyone home with a tote bag filled with food samples, bowls, towels, and a Purina hat.   This was yet the beginning of another tradition for us at Eaglerock.  Reputation is everything especially in this business and we stake ours on providing fine companion gundogs to great people, a task we could never accomplish without the help of companies like Filson, RST, and Purina.  They carry on and help us carry on the tradition of excellence in the field.