Dancing Signorina Mushroom  舞茸 (Grifola frondosa) Bear Cave PlaceJonathan Levitt lives on an acreage near the village of Ducktrap, Maine. There, in Ducktrap, and on the islands of Penobscot Bay, early fall is the time of the mushroom harvest. The Trumpet of Death, The Dancing Signorina, The Pollo of the Woods, The Bear's Head, The Little Red Fox -- all of the wonderful mushrooms. Anvil - Spruce Tips (Picea rubens) - tonewood - Schoodic - Appodumken Place Bedabedec Apple Place Comeuppance - Linesider Pimp Fish (Morone saxatilis) Place. Ducktrap Jacknife clam (ensis directus) Megalodon Place. Glenna - Mosquito Head - Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) Place. Going Greening - Little Red Fox Mushroom - (Cantharellus cibarius) Place. Grass About The Bows - Mosquito Head Heeler Dog - Mosquito Head. Hedgelingpig mushroom (hydnum repandum) - red squirell food - Deep Moss Place. Illustrated Bather - Headless Horseman Fish (Scomber Scombrus)  Place Indian Summer Swimmer -  Saltwater Quarry Place. KUW, the ripening - blackberry (rubus fruticosis) red when green + white pine (pinus strobus) - Ducktrap Place. Mosquito Head - Wall Filler Moss (sphagnum flexuosum) Mermaid Place. Mosquito Head Heeler Dog - Usnea Place. Ronan Frock Hook. schoodic head- first blueberries. Schoodic Mermaid Place. trumpets of death (craterellus cornucopioides) ducktrap antler place. Bat Mummy in a jar - Rain House - Bedabedec Apple Place.