Knocking on Doors to Find Ducks in Idaho

In Idaho, some things are still done the old way. Hunting in this state is a rite of passage, an important part of conservation and land management in the region, and a valued tradition to pass on to younger generations. The best means of finding land to hunt are through public access points or by gaining permission to private land in a hand-shake agreement with a property owner. These hand-shakes are based on a relationship of mutual respect made over the years, and often sweetened with gifts of chocolates.

On a clear and cold Saturday morning in November, we slowly loaded the F150, sleep still in our eyes. Into the rig went decoys, foul-weather gear, about six sleeves of chocolates for trad...

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Game Meat: Start to Finish


We hunt for exploration. We hunt for tradition and heritage. We hunt for the love of open fields and steep mountains. The actual act of killing an animal is really only a small part of the story. For most of the days of big-game-hunting season, you go out and you don’t kill an animal. You put miles on your boots and glass hillsides and slopes for days. So when a tag is filled, congratulations are in order. And if it’s an especially large creature, one who’s outsmarted hunters for years, then grins are a little bigger and pats on the back are a little heftier. The truth is once you pull the trigger, the real work begins. And if you’re hunting for
meat instead of trophies, then it’s a part of ...

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Season Reflection: The Winter Hunt

As the first weeks of spring begin to awaken familiar landscapes, the days of crisp fall air and winter hunts are over. On the latest Filson Life, Nashville-based photographer Yve Assad and writer Will Fulford reflect on past seasons in anticipation for the next.


Hunting is a southern tradition, a rite of passage.  Marksmanship and gun safety are taught through the irons sights of a BB gun on empty cans and the occasional house sparrow that lingers a bit too long. Yep, a boy and his BB gun are pretty much king of the world as he sees it.  You progress through the various small game, squirrels and rabbits, until you graduate to big game.  For most in the South, that means whitetail deer.  

At ...

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Stewards To The Land


Spring brings about the liveliest changing of seasons, from the hibernation periods of winter into new growth for the summer ahead. This time of the year also serves as a reminder to waterfowl hunters that we must commit our own time to the stewardship of nature, which serves to produce those bounties we are so fortunate to chase in winter. For those opportunities to remain available to future generations, it is our duty to also serve as conservationists to the land. Even a task as small as the construction of wood duck boxes in your local grounds serves to play a role in continuing our fine traditions of hunting in the outdoors.


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Greg McReynolds believes that America’s public lands are the ultimate expression of freedom. He loves young bird dogs and old shotguns. Located in Pocatello, Idaho, Greg works for Trout Unlimited and blogs at Mouthful of Feathers. In this Filson Life, Greg shares with us the exhilarating feeling of man and dog, in the field, together. 


I follow the dog. She noses into the cold wind and I center on her, tugging on my gloves and pulling my hat low. 

Beneath my boots are the tracks of hunter and quarry. 

Following this thoroughfare across the high county, we are proceeded by an eon of prey and pursuers. In a skiff of clean snow dusted onto the black rock of the high desert the clawed print of Cani...
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Filson Life - Upland Hunt Hannah Dewey

A story about an all women's upland bird hunting trip and a common desire to live a life connected told by Hannah Dewey. Hannah was raised as a nomad with the woods and mountains as her playground, in doing so her language became intrinsically tied to the rhythms and cycles of life. She feels the most alive when she's out experiencing the wild places she calls home, and loves sharing her adventures of connection through photography. Additional images provided by Camrin Dengel.

Filson Life - Upland Hunt Hannah Dewey

I sat at a well worn cabin table deep in a forested creek bottom in the Judith Basin--the old cow punching grounds of the renowned painter Charlie Russel--in East-Central Montana with a Dutch oven full of wild elk chili...

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Filson Life - Winter Duck Hunting

Around these parts, winter means duck hunting: cold mornings, dark skies, and bright green birds. In the latest Filson Life, follow Alex Busillachi and Blake Berry of Slade Northwest through a successful Snohomish Valley hunting trip.


Waking up in the early morning under a deep and dark sky usually signifies the start of an arduous day, however for a waterfowl hunter it signals pure excitement. As the city of Seattle slept and became a mere reflection in the rearview mirror, we set a course due North towards the historic Snohomish Valley where we were met with a stiff wind from the southeast and a flurry of rain, which every waterfowl hunter knows are keys to a successful day.

Filson Life - Winter Duck Hunting

Filson Life - Winter Duck Hunting Filson Life - Winter Duck HuntingFilson Life - Winter Duck Hunting

As our mudded ...

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Hunting for Tom Brokaw with Covey Rise

Filson Life - Hunting with Tom Brokaw Miles DeMott has been hunting compelling stories for more than three decades, writing across genres for a variety of audiences in print and digital spaces. The author of two novels, his most recent works for Covey Rise extol the virtues of prescribed burning and distill the essence of Kentucky bourbon. A native son of the piney woods of South Georgia, he lives and writes in Alabama. In the latest Filson Life, follow along as he recounts a hunting trip with the renowned Tom Brokaw and Covey Rise magazine in the fields of South Dakota.

Filson Life - Hunting with Tom Brokaw

It was my first pheasant hunt, with the added pressure that I found myself walking through the early morning cornfields alongside Tom Brokaw, legendary journali...

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Patrick Colleran has spent summers exploring the Wilderness of Oregon, Montana, and Idaho as a Wilderness Ranger and backpacking guide. Alison Riley is a former hiking and rafting guide who had more bird dogs than friends growing up in rural Vermont. It wasn’t until right before Guinevere, the 11-month old Wiredhaired Pointing Griffon was born, that they started bringing shotguns into the mountains to hunt birds. Recently moving to Port Townsend from Missoula, MT, the three of them have been exploring their new backyard and learning how to hunt the elusive forest grouse of the Olympic mountains.

Filson Life - Patrick Colleran hunting in the Olympic National Forest


Much of the Olympic range is protected as Wilderness either managed by the National Park Service ...

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NoisyPlume-Upland-Hunt-Filson-35 Jillian Lukiwski, also known as The Noisy Plume, is an independent metalsmith, freelance photographer and writer representing the indelible spirit of the interior West of Canada and the USA.  She spends her winters in Idaho and in the summer, she moves North to the Methow Valley of Washington with her smokejumper husband.  Jillian prefers strong coffee, river travel, real maple syrup, big running bird dogs, cutthroat trout, red lipstick and classic country music. Robert says the first day of February is the worst day of the year. The more time I spend hunting by his side behind our hardworking dogs in the rimrock country and high desert range of Idaho, the more I tend to agree with him. Thi...Read More


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