Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-1‘In Your Words’ explores the incredible stories we’ve received from Filson fans across the globe.  Send us your own experiences with our clothing or product here for a chance to be featured on the Filson Life blog.  Matt from Seattle describes the versatility of his Padded Computer Bag. There's not much that can be said about this bag that hasn't already been stated. This is my go to bag. I use it for work Monday through Friday, but it doesn't leave my side when I leave for the weekend. I wear a suit and tie to work and I don't look out of place one bit when I walk into a meeting with this bag! A tried and true Filson product just has that affect. Whether you're on a construction site or in a boardroom, it says 'I mean business.' Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-3Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-8Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-4Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-6Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-5Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-9Filson_Padded_Computer_Bag-7