Vintage Alaskan Guide Shirt Small - Filson "I have been a life long Filson man.  I am a 70 year old retired commercial fisherman and a full time commercial shell fisherman, fishing 200 plus days a year.  I demand the best gear I can buy.  Ten years ago I purchased this cotton shirt, 1,800 day's worth and 1,000 washes give or take a few hundred.  This shirt has not lost a single button.  I have been sewing buttons on my shirts for 50 years.  When I cut the sleeves off this shirt  I kept them for they still had their 4 buttons!  I finally threw out the sleeves knowing that I would never lose a button from this shirt." -- Eddie Reid, South Chatham, MA Vintage Alaskan Guide Shirt Small - Filson [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2469,2473,2463,2476,2465,2466,2477,2478,2474,2471,2468,2467,2464,2475,2483"]