Dennis Lynch has been around the outdoors his entire life and understands what gear you need for your favorite outdoor activity. But in this addition to Filson Life, Dennis explains how he creates his Christmas List that includes a bounty of Filson gear. Planning your Christmas shopping list can drive you crazy. Especially when your hoping to get your spouse that special something and ask, "What would you like for Christmas" only to get the responses, " Oh, can't think of a thing," "Got everything I need," or the dreaded, "Whatever." And if you actually got them nothing, it's sure to land you in the dog house. I make this matter so simple for my beloved. I have a time tested system that has produced a bounty of great Christmas gifts and makes it easy for my wife. The System  At the beginning of the year, I'll find the Filson winter catalogue in my mailbox. I do a quick browse through and then go through it again for a more detailed inspection. When I see an item that looks perfect for my favorite outdoor activity, I put a star on the photo. If the item is "to die for" it gets a maximum of three stars. After doing my due diligence, I see what pages have the "three star" prospects and unceremoniously rip that page from the catalogue and place it in my side table drawer. As the new Filson catalogues arrive throughout the year, I religiously follow the same procedure and by late fall I have several pages of "great" Christmas gift ideas. All ranked by the star system and then rated from top to bottom by page order. Then, of course, Santa (my wife) has to calculate how good or not good one has been throughout the year in order to make a decision. And, of course, budgetary constraints come into play. Over the many years, this system has worked out great and has enabled me to gather a bounty of Filson products. When I returned from a recent hunting trip to South Dakota, my Filson bag was a venerable cornucopia of upland gear. I took an inventory and it seemed like everything I wore or used was one of my Filson practical and long wearing items. Shirts, sweaters, boots, jackets duffle bags, Tin Cloth dog bowl, chaps, field pants, socks, vest, etc., --All these items and more where from my annual Christmas harvest-- courtesy of Santa via my wonderful wife, Susan. Filson is truly timeless. Merry Christmas and have a Filson New Year! The List 1.  iPhone Case 2.  Money Clip Card Holder 3.  Mackinaw Tin Cloth Vest 4.  Filson Slubbed T-Shirt 5.  Feather Cloth Fly Fishing Shirt 6.  Dry Finish Fishing Waist Pack 7.  Tin Cloth 505 Pants 8.  And of course, a Bridle Leather Belt, in size 32.