In Your Words: Seok from South Korea ‘In Your Words’ explores the incredible stories we’ve received from Filson fans across the globe.  Send us your own experiences with our clothing or product here for a chance to be featured on the Filson Life blog.  Thanks to Seok from South Korea for the photo of him and his favorite Filson shop-dog "Win." Every weekend I visit the Filson retailer near my home in South Korea.  I first learned about Filson 5 years ago, when I traveled to the United States for business.  Now, I am very happy as all Filson items are available in my country, without having to wait for delivery from an overseas dealer.  I am always looking for durable clothing and footwear as I have been working as a mechanical engineer for 10 years since I graduated from university.  Filson items always satisfy with their durability.  At the Filson store in Korea, there are three different dogs.  One of them, named "Win," is shown in the photo I included.  He is wearing the Shelter Cloth Dog Coat with Wool Lining and I'm wearing the Double Mackinaw Cruiser, more than enough to keep me warm in the winter season.  Sometimes Win stays in my garden as my wife and baby really like to play with him.  Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude to Filson for giving me such great memories.