In Your Words: Filson Love Story‘In Your Words’ explores the incredible stories we've received from Filson fans across the globe.  Send us your own experiences with our clothing or product here for a chance to be featured on the Filson Life blog.  Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Elizabeth and John, two people who intend to pass the test of time together. Congratulations to these two loyal Filson customers on this landmark occasion. My love story was better than I ever could have imagined, which is how I think it's supposed to happen if you want it to be right.  It started as a crush, involved him running into a tree when looking my direction, and ended up with the best wedding I could have dreamed up.  It's been a year since that amazing day and I was hoping to show my love for the strong, funny, handsome and kind-hearted man I married with tribute to Filson, because I love my husband and my husband truly loves Filson (just slightly less than he loves me...).  From one of our very first dates, Filson was a brand my husband, John, obviously held in high regard.  On a cruise around Lake Union I was introduced to and subsequently educated on the fine crafting of the Filson leather gloves.  It was this night I realized the man I would marry looked at everything as practical and functional, or just not good enough. Though we dated while he was living in Wenatchee, WA and I in Portland, OR, the distance did not deter.  He likes to say we were desperate; I like to say he is joking.  Upon graduating medical school, residency brought me to Seattle, but it was known that upon completion I would go to New York City.  We weren't married or engaged then and I cried that day because I was pretty sure my rugged, Eastern Washington, nature-loving man was not going to come with me.  He told me to shut up (gently, of course) and stop crying because he'd already made it clear he would go wherever I go, and that he would dislike each place equally.  Tough love is also one of his charming qualities. Family Reunion Vashon Island 2013 009NYC would make my husband go insane if it weren't for a few things: me telling him to stop being a baby, him needing to remind me that it’s not that bad, and family and friends visiting.  There’s also the love of Filson.  Because when my hubby walks out our apartment door in his Mackinaw Cruiser, he has a little piece of the NW on his back and a little bit of Northwest pride to show to this city.  And it definitely helps. My husband really does love Filson.  I laugh at him teasingly when he talks of Filson, because he is a proud person and he likes to brag about things.  But he is also loyal and has really great taste, I dare say better than mine.  He brags about his hometown, and I giggle at his showmanship in the matter, but he comes from a beautiful part of the world and I have to agree with him. And then I laughed at his boasting over the Filson brand. I said, "Yes, it's great honey.  Might as well have the best," with a somewhat sarcastic tone. "I'm going to outfit you entirely in Filson.  Then you'll see," was his smug answer. I thought (most likely aloud), “Sure you are.  I may have lived the first years of my life in the Canadian wilderness (no, really, I did), but I don’t know if I’m a Filson type of girl.” And he probably smiled and sighed at me.

In Your Words - Elizabeth - Mackinaw Cruiser

I received the Foothills Parka from my husband as a Christmas gift.  I will not lie, I was dubious of this brown jacket.  I wore it one day and I thought it wasn't so bad.  Then I wore it when we returned to Washington for two weeks and spent the first in the rain on Vashon Island and the second in the Wenatchee winter snow.  And my jacket was amazing!  Every day I liked it more and more.  It kept me dry, warm, and I got many compliments (it was cute!).  Back to NYC we came and it was still amazing!   I don’t really like New York winters I've decided, but I am excited to pull the Filson out again. I do bring my Filson bag to work every day and wear my Alaskan Guide Shirt on occasion though.  And my husband just looks at me with his “I told you so” face.

To my husband of one year: you are the best thing to ever happen to me.  You know how I feel so I won’t go into detail about your kindness, generosity, sense of humor, and of course your rugged good looks!  Here’s to many more years together, ending up on rocking chairs on the porch up the canyon, surrounded by our future children and grandchildren, and wearing our Filson.  Might as well have the best.

In Your Words - Elizabeth