Our annual limited-edition Cowichan sweaters have arrived at Filson HQ, hand-knit and ready to ship. The Cowichan line is extraordinary for both its history and the supreme quality. Since sheep were introduced in the 1890’s to the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the people of the land have been knitting. The storied articles of clothing use only naturally colored yarns and are thick and hand-spun. The final product is a luxurious and heavy garment. Women's Holiday 2012 Cowichan Knits Men's Holiday 2012 Cowichan Knits

For 2012, the men’s sweater is designed with the noble moose in mind. This creature dates back to the story-telling of Native American tribes on distant hunts. The Cowichan sweater is a special edition of 200, each uniquely labeled. Water-resistant and strong, the wool’s natural lanolin will provide plenty of warmth. A knit scarf and cap will top off your seasonal wardrobe. The women’s line is modeled after the legendary fox, with design on the front and rear. A two-way zipper on the Cowichan sweater adds comfort to a contoured fit. With a shawl neck, impressive knitting, and the sort of comfort-factor you haven’t felt in years – you will soon have a new favorite that only gets better with use. To extend the lineup are a knit cap with ear flaps and braided ties as well as a gift-able scarf that will last a lifetime.