Rugged Twill Luggage Duffle Bags Why Are Our Rugged Twill Duffle Bags So Rugged?   Bridle Leather:  We choose to use the highest quality bridle leather. It's finished and smooth on both sides, as it must be comfortable next to the horse's face. It's subject to high loads and twisting, so it's incredibly strong. It's out in the weather for years, and it's proven to stand up to the elements. It has character and becomes even more beautiful with age. Fittings of Brass:  It's strong under heavy use, and takes nicks and abrasion with ease. It won't rust, so it stands up to wet and harsh weather conditions. It's lustrous; pleasing to the eye and the touch, with a finish and beauty that lasts for years. Rugged Twill:  It's an extremely heavy, tightly woven fabric that starts out strong. After being soaked in our paraffin-based oil finish wax, the result is a highly water-repellent fabric that will stand up to the worst abuse. Vegetable Tanning:  While very expensive, we use vegetable tanning on top quality hides like our genuine Bridle Leather.  The process utilizes natural ingredients from tree bark, not chemicals like chrome tanning.  It takes up to 40 days for the tanning to occur, rather than 1 day for chrome, but it gives the leather flexibility and rich, warm tones, that aren't found elsewhere. Below, find pictures of one of our Original Briefcase's after traveling over a million miles.  The bag is just beginning to break in. [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="2412,2418,2417,2416"]