What is White Sands?

sandy landscapeGreat white dunes march across the New Mexico desert.

From the tallest dune, some 60 ft tall, it’s hard to fathom the world around you. Climb skyward, and your eyes would meet a sea of white; 275 square miles to be precise - where corduroy ribs of pure gypsum rise and fall like an ocean frozen in time.

Approximately 10,000 years ago, thousands of years’ worth of rain and snowmelt carried this gypsum - known by rock nerds as calcium sulfate dihydrate, sidewalk artists as chalk, builders as the white stuff in drywall, and chemists as CaSO₄·2H₂O - to the bottom of this basin. Water filled the great depression and a rich, biologically diverse world came to life.
white sandThe white comes from the miraculous ...

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History of the de Havilland Beaver

Willy next to the Beaver

This work-horse of an aircraft has earned a reputation as one of the most capable bush planes ever built, and it was easy to see why as we flew out over the ocean and through island valleys in the remote stretches of the Kodiak archipelago.

Willy’s grin crept out from behind his distinctively Alaskan mustache as he turned to face us, “you boys ready to go flying?” Our headsets crackled to life and we shared off-color jokes as we taxied away from dock and made plans to fly out to a distant beach on the other side of Kodiak. The engine roared and the pattern of the spray from the floats felt familiar, like the spray from the hull of an aluminum boat hung with too much motor skipping across a sm...

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Captain Whidbey Inn

archival image of the Inn
The Captain Whidbey was built in 1907 from logs and stone found on site by Chris Fisher and his son Edward. In the years since, it has served as a private residence, a boarding house, post office, girl's school, and a general store. It has recently been restored and is now open to the public as an inn. Read more about the history of the inn below.

Since 1907, Captain Whidbey has been a place of natural beauty, community gathering and quiet delight. A place where people — locals and visitors alike — do things together, even if those things are simply eating, drinking, and looking out across the water. Charged with the past to carry us into the future, Captain Whidbey will be a place where thin...Read More

oil tin
How to maintain maximum water repellency from your oil finish cotton clothing.
Our waxed cotton clothing is built for years of rugged use in the great outdoors. When re-waxing is needed, use only Filson’s Original Oil Finish Wax. It has a proprietary blend of paraffin wax and softening oils that are an exact match for the original factory-applied waxed finish. Do not be tempted to use beeswax or other waxes, as they will not blend with the existing wax in the fabric, and do not create the surface tension required to maximize water resistance.

Follow these simple instructions to re-wax your Filson garment:

1. Clean all dirt and debris from garment. Waxed cotton can be hosed off and allowed to d...

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Filson MinneapolisToday, Filson is proud to announce the opening of our first Minnesota store. Our Minneapolis store is located in the North Loop near the Cedar Lake Trail, at Washington and 3rd Avenue. This shop offers a variety of Unfailing Goods such as signature luggage, leather accessories, apparel and iconic outerwear such as our 100-year-old Mackinaw Cruiser. It is located next to iconic watch brand Shinola, and features an indoor coffee shop and comfortable seating for a relaxed, inclusive shopping experience. Filson Minneapolis228 Washington Ave. N.Minneapolis, MN 55401612-338-5506FILSON MinneapolisFILSON 1WFILSON 5WSHINOLA FILSON EXTERIOR0006

Unfailing Dads: R. Paul Hanson

Father’s Day is today and at Filson many of our employees wouldn’t be the outdoors enthusiasts they’ve become without the guidance of their Dad. Our fathers have endured many early mornings and painstaking days teaching us how to cast a fly rod, fell a tree, and to safely handle an over-and-under; and we couldn’t be more grateful. Chris H. is the manager of the Filson Restoration Department -- which repairs and restores returned luggage and jackets -- and wanted to share a story of the grandfather that introduced him to Filson many years ago.


My Grandpa, R. Paul Hanson, is a legacy of hard work and stubbornness. He wore a Filson Cruiser Vest every day while working for the Timber industry in ...Read More

We're pleased to announce the opening of the company’s first retail store on the East Coast. The approximately 1800 square-foot Filson store is located in the NoHo district at 40 Great Jones Street between the Bowery and Lafayette Street. Filson’s sixth location is next door to the iconic Beaux Arts firehouse, home to Engine Company 33 and Ladder Company 9 of the New York City Fire Department. Filson is delighted with this new opportunity to bring our unfailing goods to the New York City adventurer, said Alan Kirk, Chief Executive Officer of Filson. Founded as a rugged working mans outfitter, it feels right that Filson will be located next to a firehouse. The store offers a variety of s...Read More
HorweenThe new Filson leather totes and accessories are made with leather tanned at the historic Horween factory in Chicago and outfitted with our 100-year-old Tin Cloth. This video provides an insightful glimpse into the Horween factory and their uncompromising commitment to American craftsmanship.   
inyourwords_danielwestbrook_mackinaw.jpeg‘In Your Words’ explores the incredible stories we’ve received from Filson fans across the globe.  Send us your own experiences with our clothing or product here for a chance to be featured on the Filson Life blog.  Here, Daniel Westbrook --a master carpenter-- of Westbrook Restorations details his legacy with Filson products. Video created by our friends at Belief Agency.  "Dear Filson,The year was 1908, in Seattle when the little home was built. As I peeled back the layers of history, walking in the footsteps of the master craftsman that came before me, I can’t help but respect carrying the heritage I have been entrusted with, to walk on in the 21st century.  The year was 2014 and the weat...Read More
Red_Black1 It was 1912, and C.C. Filson was operating a Seattle, Washington store—Filson’s Pioneer Alaska and Blanket Manufacturers—opened in 1897 in order to supply hoards of prospectors headed to the Yukon Gold Rush.As the Gold Rush died down, Filson found that there were many more customers in need of rugged outdoor clothing and gear. So he designed a shirt that would meet the current and unforeseen needs of his customers. He applied for a patent in 1912 based on a shirt design that contained many unique and innovative features—all of them based on simplicity and functionality in the outdoors.Lined_Seattle_Cruiser1Filson was awarded a patent for his Cruiser Shirt design in 1914. Originally made in Tin Cloth and Mackinaw...Read More
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