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How to maintain maximum water repellency from your oil finish cotton clothing.
Our oil finish cotton clothing is built for years of rugged use in the great outdoors. When re-waxing is needed, use only Filson’s Original Oil Finish Wax. It has a proprietary blend of paraffin wax and softening oils that are an exact match for the original factory-applied waxed finish. Do not be tempted to use beeswax or other waxes, as they will not blend with the existing wax in the fabric, and do not create the surface tension required to maximize water resistance.

Follow these simple instructions to re-wax your Filson garment:

1. Clean all dirt and debris from garment. Oil cloth can be hosed off and allowed to...

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Cevoli_FilsonLife_15Photography by Michael Cevoli. Michael is a commercial and documentary photographer. A graduate with honors of both the bachelor’s and the master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design, he lives in southern New England.  Words by Grant Smith. Born in Butte, Montana, raised in the prairies nearConrad, Montana, and pursued his secondary education in Rhode Island. Hehas worked as a small-town newspaper editor, a commercial fisherman, and afarm hand. Mike Cevoli and I have always embraced the harsher aspects of life. This shared pursuit of adversity formed our friendship. During late night conversations in dank Rhode Island bars we bonded over tales of personal failures and shared anecdo...Read More

Filson Life - Trade Stories, Graycloud Designs

After a childhood spent being fascinated by knives, Robb Gray of Graycloud Designs in Seattle now lives his dream as a knife maker. His knives are shaped and built for ergonomic utility. Some of them are finished by using a simple compliment of materials, while others become luxuriously embellished with hand-engraved patterns and gemstones set into the handles. Not surprisingly, the outdoorsman, originally from Idaho Falls, believes they should all nonetheless be "...fully used in the field."   In collaboration with Filson, his co-branded collection includes three knives for the sporting man: the Scout, the Outdoorsman, the Fillet knife, and the Alaska King Salmon Fillet.



How long have you...

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1Chuck Ragan is a family man, an outdoorsman, craftsman and musician.  From The Blanco River in Texas, the woods and water of Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia, the marsh and bayou of Southwest Louisiana and the salt and freshwater of Florida, Ragan was raised chasing fish, game and adventures in the outdoors while at the same time, sharing music worldwide from an early age.  Ragan relocated to Northern California in 2007 where he continued his career in music, found peace in the foothills, lakes and rivers and has begun raising a family.  As a newly licensed fishing guide, Ragan guides part time for the non profit organization Cast Hope to share his passion for the outdoors, fly fishing and t...Read More
20150529.InstagramPost.SocialInstagram_R2aTHE CONTEST IS OVER: CRAIG H. WAS OUR WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS CRAIG! Here’s your chance to win our Start the Summer gift package featuring a Filson Zippered Tote Bag, a Great American Flask from Jacob Bromwell and a bottle of Westland Distillery’s Flagship American Single Malt Whiskey.  To enter:1. Follow @Filson1897 and @JacobBromwell on Instagram.2. Then, leave a comment below on this photo and tag a friend that you think would be interested in the contest. One randomly chosen comment will win the entire gift package. 

#GIVEAWAY: Here’s your chance to win our Start the Summer gift package featuring a Filson Zippered Tote Bag, a Great American Flask from @JacobBromwell and a bottle of @westl...

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photo_14Searching for the shed antlers of elk, deer and moose is another way to add to the enjoyment of exploring the wild. In this Filson Life photo essay, Elias Carlson reminisces about how he got hooked on shed hunting near Priest Lake, Idaho.Elias is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Theresa is his wife, partner-in-crime, and an incredible adventure buddy. She also happens to be pretty handy with a camera. See more of their work on eliascarlson.com or on Instagram (@eliascarlson / @theresacarlson). Steve, lifelong best-friend of my father-in-law, is my kind of guy: laid-back, clever in an understated way, and easy to get along with. The kind of person you become friends with effortl...Read More
NoisyPlume-Upland-Hunt-Filson-35 Jillian Lukiwski, also known as The Noisy Plume, is an independent metalsmith, freelance photographer and writer representing the indelible spirit of the interior West of Canada and the USA.  She spends her winters in Idaho and in the summer, she moves North to the Methow Valley of Washington with her smokejumper husband.  Jillian prefers strong coffee, river travel, real maple syrup, big running bird dogs, cutthroat trout, red lipstick and classic country music. Robert says the first day of February is the worst day of the year. The more time I spend hunting by his side behind our hardworking dogs in the rimrock country and high desert range of Idaho, the more I tend to agree with him. Thi...Read More
Kenmore-Filson-Anna-Pilot-2Anna Gulickson is a pilot at Kenmore Air with over 14 years experience at the helm of a plane. At five years old, she was visiting her aunt and uncle on Thetis Island, British Columbia, when she saw her first de Havilland Beaver floatplane at the dock of the marina; she's been infatuated with flying ever since. We caught up with Anna while she ran through routine maintenance on an aircraft, and discussed her lifelong work. Kenmore-Filson-Anna-Pilot-13What is working with Kenmore Air like? For me, working for Kenmore is a dream come true. I knew since I was little that I wanted to fly floatplanes in the Pacific Northwest, and I knew Kenmore was the place to do that. From my freshman year of college onward I was emailing...Read More
WatchEventSocial_v02.jpgOn Thursday, March 5th, you're invited to celebrate with the Filson family as we debut our new USA-built Filson Watch Collection. RSVP to your preferred location below, and join us for a catered evening showcasing our 23 styles of rugged watches. Learn about our groundbreaking collaboration with Shinola, and enter to win a Filson Shinola bicycle. RSVP INFO:Seattle Store, Thursday, March 5th.5:30 - 8:30PMRSVP to Seattle event here. New York Store, Thursday, March 5th.5:30 - 8:30PMRSVP to New York event here. Minneapolis, Thursday, March 5th.5:30 - 8:30PMRSVP to Minneapolis event here. Portland Store, Thursday, March 5th.5:30 - 8:30PMRSVP to Portland event here. You must be present to enter an...Read More
filson-jsm-3570Justin Meyer is a photographer based in Des Moines, Iowa.He explores trout fishing his home waters of Northeast Iowa year round.—There is a solitude found on the winter waters. [gallery royalslider="4" ids="12866,12824,12794,12797"] The hustle and bustle of the summer has died, the farmers have tucked their combines away for the cold season. A silence is over the farmlands of Iowa. The leaves have all fallen. A light layer of snow covers the yellow grass that has folded down for the year. [gallery royalslider="4" ids="12803,12806,12791,12809"] Aside from a few cows in the distance, the valley is still. But the stream flows on and the trout are still hungry. The fair-weather fans are nowhere ...Read More
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