Fly Rods in Tow - Justin MeyerFollow our friends from Filson retailer Badowers on a weekend fishing trip through Iowa.   Words by Kevin from Badowers Photos by Justin Salem Meyer   When I was 19 I fell in love with Iowa.   It stopped just being the place I was born, where I’m from, where I live.   I was given a copy of the Iowa Sportman’s Atlas. I have spent many days since chasing fish in the rivers and streams.  More importantly I realized how many interesting people and places exist between the two great rivers that border the state.  We spent a weekend in April trout fishing the Driftless area of Northeast Iowa.  This is part of a series highlighting the people, places and products that make Des Moines, and Iowa, special.  

Strawberry Point - Justin Salem MeyerFilson Luggage - Justin Salem MeyerVacancy - Justin Salem Meyerdriftless - Justin Salem MeyerReady - Justin Salem MeyerFrom the Banks 2 - Justin Salem MeyerTrouth in Iowa - Justin Salem MeyerFrom the Banks - Justin Salem MeyerFilson Fly Fishing Vest - Justin Salem MeyerTreasure - Justin Salem MeyerThe Crew - Justin Salem Meyer