Fly Fishing

After Wildfire

biking near the river
A bike-pack fishing trip through a scorched landscape was not the trip that Ashlee thought she was going to take - but the things she saw and the experience she had left an impression about how we interact with the landscape after wildfire.

“Lucky for you, all the goat’s head burned too,” someone said, smiling, as we pedaled up the gravel Deschutes River Railbed trail. My husband and I had been warned of the tire-slicing vines. I had spent the prior evening squeezing liquid sealant into my tire tubes. We camped near the start of the trail, where the Deschutes meets the Columbia, surrounded by lush green grass and tall alder trees. We awoke as usual, or as usual as one can in a campground whil...

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Brown Trout of New Zealand

Jack holding a large brown trout
Jack Kos is a self-described Kiwi trout bum. What began as a passion for fishing soon developed into a desire to know more about the fish he sought. That pursuit led Jack to dive deep into the rivers and the history books as he wrote his dissertation and earned a PhD in history on the introduction of Brown Trout in New Zealand.

It’s a simple act to present a fly twenty feet. An act most of us could accomplish with eyes closed and a hand tied behind our back. One we’ve done a thousand times without ever questioning its difficult, and yet, presented with a twenty-six inch brown trout sporadically nosing the surface in water so clear you can count the spots on its flanks the simplicity of the ca...

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Blue Heron Lodge: Forks, WA

portrait of Larry Ford, owner of Blue Heron Lodge
“I love teaching folks how to appreciate the water; the ruggedness and beauty of the river are something special. I like to share with people a means by which they can experience these places. A drift boat and a fly rod are just my preferred means. Passing on some of my knowledge to my clients, sharing a boat and good conversation… that’s why I do it.”

Larry Ford has been guiding fishermen on the Olympic Peninsula since 2004, but his love for fishing the rivers of coastal Washington was born long before that. Raised into the family rock quarry business in Sonoma, California, Larry has spent a lot of time around loud trucks and equipment. It makes since then that when asked what his favorite a...Read More

A Normal Life

Living the life that you love does not shield you from loss. Fishing the remote waters of Alaska’s Alagnak River is a dream job for Russell Owen, but that dream has come at a cost. The life of a guide is not a normal life, but what he has learned from fishing has shaped him into the man he has become.

Video for Filson by Josh Fletcher

Life of a Guide

Alaska's Alagnak River is a place where there are no roads. A place where the weather does what it wants. A place where humans are no longer the apex predator. The life of a guide on this river is one of resourcefulness, persistence, and dedication.

Video by Josh Fletcher for Filson.

Solitude and Steelhead

Many a man has felt the pace and stress of life wash from his soul while standing mid-river, fly rod in hand. Solitude is perhaps the thing most often sought by the seasoned fly-fishermen; the thrill of landing a fish is a welcome addition to an already fine experience. Read along as we follow once such fisherman, swinging for Steelhead on the Klamath River.

It’s often said that fishing isn’t always about the catch, but rather the experience as a whole. It’s my personal belief that the majority of times that statement has been uttered come fresh on the heels of being skunked. That’s not to say there’s zero truth in the colloquialism, but when the air freezes your boot laces stiff and you’re s...

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For Seattle chef Kevin Davis of Steelhead Diner and his crew of charismatic anglers known as the “Good Guys," catching fish on the river is seen as a plus, but being out in nature with close friends is what really matters. 

Over the last decade, Kevin, Steve Joyce, and Mark Kane have spent time together on rivers like the Yakima, camping, cooking, and helping each other through the joyous times as well as the tough. When they’re out in nature, Kane relates that “the weight of the day, or the month, or the year, is lifted. As soon as you step in the water, you’re cleansed.” 




I join the Good Guys as they put in at Umptanum on a warm gray day, a few casts are made alongside jokes and the swift-mo...
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Navajo Fly Fisher

When I was 5 my dad put a spinner rod in my hands because he just couldn't wait any longer for his future (yet nonexistent at the time) son to be born. Little did he know he was planting a fishing seed that would grow and grow with an insatiable thirst. Being born and raised in Seattle as a kid my favorite fishing use to be the endless species inhabiting Elliot Bay caught using night crawlers that we dug up at Golden Gardens. When I cast my first fly rod that all changed.

Story by Ruth Sims
Photography by Megan Taylor 

Navajo Fly Fisher

About two and a half years ago while in grad school I met a trio of native students through the small native community on my school’s campus. They were from Montana. They were th...Read More

Cast Hope: Share What You Love

Cast Hope is a nonprofit organization focused on providing kids in the Northern California community with the gift of the outdoors. Bringing youth and mentors together outside through the sport of fly fishing. On the latest Filson Life, Hogan Brown of Cast Hope shares with us his love of fly fishing and dedication to fostering an environment where kids can become stewards of the outdoors.


I can’t remember the first time I set foot in a river and I can’t remember the first fish I caught on a fly rod. What I can remember is always being drawn to water. Creek, pond, river, lake, or stream I found something in them and around them that life other places didn’t offer. Fly Fishing has always been t...

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On November 21st, 2016, we launched the Filson Experience the Wild Contest. Participants were asked to choose one out of four expereinces for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime for themselves and a guest of their choice. Thousands of entries and twenty-one days later, we announced the winner of the Filson Expereince the Wild Contest: Jim Hubert.

Jim and his brother Justin worked with us to plan an unforgettable trip to Idaho. A few months later, they were off to Mackay Bar Ranch for a weekend of fly fishing and horseback riding through the rugged terrain of the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness. While exploring the Nations second largest contiguous federally managed wilderness...

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