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Before trucker hats were a fixture of his wardrobe, Paul Moinester spent years wearing a suit and tie championing major conservation initiatives as a senior legislative aid in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tired of being an armchair-conservationist, Paul escaped from his deskbound life and spent the next two years wading waist-deep into endangered waters across the United States and Ireland.

Now based in Seattle, Paul runs Last Frontier Strategies, a collective of outdoorsmen working to address some of the planet’s most significant conservation challenges, and Moldy Chum, one of the most heavily trafficked fly fishing blogs on the planet. Below, follow Paul, his new pup Wilma Jean, and ...

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Russell Miller is the Marketing Coordinator for Sage and RIO Fly Fishing products, as well as a member of Team USA Fly Fishing. In the latest Filson Life, follow along as he recaps the extremes of the wild winter Steelhead season in the Northwest. If you're an angler, now is the time to get ready for the spring fishing season. Visit the Filson Flagship store in Seattle for a great selection of rods and reels from Sage, and head over to our events page to sign-up for upcoming in-store events to learn more about fishing in the great Northwest.



To put it simply, springtime on the coast is magical. The air is warm, you can smell new life budding out everywhere, and wild steelhead are running i...

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Cevoli_FilsonLife_15Photography by Michael Cevoli. Michael is a commercial and documentary photographer. A graduate with honors of both the bachelor’s and the master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design, he lives in southern New England.  Words by Grant Smith. Born in Butte, Montana, raised in the prairies nearConrad, Montana, and pursued his secondary education in Rhode Island. Hehas worked as a small-town newspaper editor, a commercial fisherman, and afarm hand. Mike Cevoli and I have always embraced the harsher aspects of life. This shared pursuit of adversity formed our friendship. During late night conversations in dank Rhode Island bars we bonded over tales of personal failures and shared anecdo...Read More
1Chuck Ragan is a family man, an outdoorsman, craftsman and musician.  From The Blanco River in Texas, the woods and water of Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia, the marsh and bayou of Southwest Louisiana and the salt and freshwater of Florida, Ragan was raised chasing fish, game and adventures in the outdoors while at the same time, sharing music worldwide from an early age.  Ragan relocated to Northern California in 2007 where he continued his career in music, found peace in the foothills, lakes and rivers and has begun raising a family.  As a newly licensed fishing guide, Ragan guides part time for the non profit organization Cast Hope to share his passion for the outdoors, fly fishing and t...Read More
filson-jsm-3570Justin Meyer is a photographer based in Des Moines, Iowa.He explores trout fishing his home waters of Northeast Iowa year round.—There is a solitude found on the winter waters. [gallery royalslider="4" ids="12866,12824,12794,12797"] The hustle and bustle of the summer has died, the farmers have tucked their combines away for the cold season. A silence is over the farmlands of Iowa. The leaves have all fallen. A light layer of snow covers the yellow grass that has folded down for the year. [gallery royalslider="4" ids="12803,12806,12791,12809"] Aside from a few cows in the distance, the valley is still. But the stream flows on and the trout are still hungry. The fair-weather fans are nowhere ...Read More
AEV-Filson-FieldGuide-Fishing-HeaderWith sparse deserts and plains, sprawling coastal tidelands, and the only temperate rainforest in the contiguous United States, Washington is home to one of the most diverse climates of any state. For any sportsman or woman this translates to endless outdoor possibilities. A 3-hour drive from the Filson Headquarters in Seattle will put you knee-deep in slate gray water throwing flies for Steelhead, forging through a marsh with duck decoys in hand, or hiking along a basalt-rimmed plateau behind working dogs with a side-by-side. Throw your Waders, Tin Cloth Pants, and an Alaskan Guide Shirt or two in your duffle and hit the road in the AEV Filson Edition Wrangler with our Field Guide to Washin...Read More
Filson_MT_002Tyler Sharp is a documentary photographer, writer, and filmmaker based out of Dallas, Texas. Traveling extensively on assignment, he has filmed and photographed a myriad of cultures and landscapes, and slept under the stars in some of the most remote regions of the world.  Today, Tyler explores the American West in Montana with a fly rod and his family. There is something very mystical about the American West, where the spirit of the wilderness is still alive for those who know where to find it. It is a place that quiets my mind, soothes my soul, and gives me strength. The honor and tradition of the old ways, which are harder and harder to find today, still exist there. In this same spirit, ...Read More
Red Legged Devils - Snowcock Hunting Larry McKurtis is a writer and amateur photographer living in Northern Nevada. He prefers sleeping in the dirt, pushing himself to delirious exhaustion, and getting to the marrow of the matter at hand. Aside from writing he's an avid cyclist, wood worker, hunter, and fly fisherman. These activities give him an excuse to travel and explore the American West and North America. His blog Red Legged Devils covers his experiences in the out of doors. We crested the 11,000 foot summit in a thick bank of clouds, the dog vanishing from left to right as she worked the plateau for scent. I was tired but the dog sure wasn't. She seemed oblivious to the five digit elevation and the many rocky, thorny mi...Read More
image_00005Blaine Peetso is a mill worker in Northern Alberta and a self-described daydreamer. With a penchant for the outdoors and for photography, he created The Borealist blog as an excuse to capture images of his part of the world and to rearrange the alphabet as he sees fit. Follow Blaine as he spends the last days of summer chasing Cutthroat through the yellowing aspens of the Rockies. There are few better places to spend the end of summer than in the high country. The mountain peaks are dusted in snow. The aspens have yellowed. Everything is bathed in that magical autumnal light. And there are Cutthroat feeding eagerly in the cold clear freestone streams they call home.image_00010image_00003image_00019image_00014Sure, Browns are trickier....Read More
Intro-Photo The massive trout rose gently from a deep shadow between the boulders. A muscular shimmer in the green water. It seemed unconcerned with the unusual strength of the tiny nymph in its jaws which dragged it slowly towards the surface. For a split-second the three of us froze. Then the size of the fish registered and our hearts kicked into high gear as the adrenaline coursed through our veins. I snapped into action, bolting for my camera and net which lay just a few feet behind us. Maybe, just maybe, we could net the monster before he realized how steeply the odds were stacked in his favor. Camera and net in hand I turned to sprint to the edge of the pool only to find Joseph with his head down...Read More


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