No matter the outdoor pursuits and passions, colder days are on the horizon and proper attire is key to finding comfort. Thoroughly enjoying quality time outside is important and managing body warmth is a crucial element.  As body temperature fluctuates throughout the day, being able to add or remove layers permits true comfort. Below is a combination of Filson favorites to keep warm with on a variety of outings.


Alaskan Long John Midweight Top – The finely knit warm wool fibers are second to none and will act as a final defense from the blistering cold. Unparalleled comfort and long enough to tuck into your pants. Alaskan Guide Shirt – The fit and softness of the 7 oz. cotton on the Alaskan Guide Shirt will be an ideal mid-layer. Should your need to peel off your jacket, the wind-resistance of our best seller will protect you. Double Mackinaw Cap - The majority of heat loss comes from an uncovered head. Outdoorsmen have trusted our rugged wool hat with sheepskin ear flaps for years. Oil Finish Trucker JacketA recent Levi’s collaboration results in this one-of-a-kind tin cloth jacket. All of the traits you’ve come to love about our signature tin cloth is now in the style of Levi’s classic Trucker Jacket.  Available in black or tan.