Filson 101 - How to Re-wax a Filson Jacket

How to maintain maximum water repellency from your oil finish cotton clothing. Our oil finish cotton clothing is built for years of rugged use in the great outdoors. Our special paraffin-based wax gives your Filson garment extreme durability and resistance to wind and water, while remaining pliable for extended comfortable wear.   Follow these simple instructions to re-wax your Filson garment for maximum water repellency:


1. For best results re-proof your garment in warm conditions. If in sub-freezing temperatures, it may be necessary to stand the tin of wax in hot water to soften it.  



2. Brush all excess dirt from the are to be treated. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and cold water.   Warning: Use clean cold water only. Do not use soap or detergents.  




3. Apply wax generously with your fingers or a clean cloth. Use light, short, circular strokes to work thoroughly in to the affected areas — usually seams, creases, and high-flex areas.  




4. Use a hair dryer or heat gun evenly over application, or hang in direct sunlight for a real “factory” finish. Hang garment overnight in a warm place, away from open flame.



Heavy-use areas can benefit from occasional touch-ups. Under extremely heavy use, areas of the garment subject to abrasion and flexing can lose some of their finish, and therefore some of their water repellency. By giving those areas a little extra protection from time to time with our Original Oil Finish Wax, you can maintain water repellency that’s as good as the day you bought the garment.   Re-proof as often as necessary.