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The pure lunar calendar has twelve synodic months. Many early societies adopted this as a unit of time, enabling them to plan and reflect more effectively.

Track the daily positions of the moon with the 2017 Phases of the Moon: Filson Lunar Calendar. 

Click the button below to print your own. 

Excerpt from Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean

"The tide is long gone. In a few hours the moon will dip below the western horizon, and just as the last of it disappears, the sun will rise in the opposite direction. During the days of full moon, the sun and moon are aligned but on opposite sides of the earth; during new moon, they are al...
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Gene Barnhart of Ruggs Ranch has been training world-class bird dogs for over forty-five years. Gene's love of working dogs runs deep, and he's handled them his entire life, hunting Beagles in his early years and then moving to Pointers. Now, you'll find Gene at Ruggs, training and conditioning over forty hunting dogs. Ensure success in the field this year using his dog training primer below.

Filson Life - Bird Dog Training
First things first: your dog must have a good quality food to do a good job in the field. 
If they are working hard in the field, the right mix is 30% protein and 20% fat. You will need to use less protein and fat if they are an occasional hunter. Watch their weight, too fat of a dog will not be able to ...Read More
Wesley Larson
Wesley Larson is a Missoula, Montana native who has been working with Dr. Tom Smith of Brigham Young University for five years as a bear biologist. He has spent multiple field seasons studying denning polar bears on Alaska’s North Slope, as well as black bears within the Bryce Canyon National Park area. Here are his three rules for preventing or controlling a potentially dangerous bear encounter. Download your own printable poster here.

Bear Safety Poster
Bears are majestic, powerful animals that have histories steeped in myth and legend. Seeing them in the wild is a privilege. If you are prepared for an encounter, you may be able to observe an emblem of the wilderness without fear, but with the respect and awe...
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Tipton Power has worked on rivers for the last 16 years. He started out as a guide doing fishing and raft trips, and now works as a river ranger on the desert rivers of southwest Idaho. During the off-season, he and his wife operate a small blueberry farm in western Washington. He spends his free time fishing, floating, and riding snowboards. Amongst the dense greenery of the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State, Tipton shares the basics of cooking with a Dutch oven and details three of his favorite campfire recipes. 

Filson Life - Campfire Cooking
The Dutch oven has been the ware of choice in outdoor kitchens for hundreds of years. It’s simple and versatile. It works as a pot, a deep fry pan, and you can make just about any...Read More

Filson 101 - How to Re-wax a Filson Jacket

How to maintain maximum water repellency from your oil finish cotton clothing. Our oil finish cotton clothing is built for years of rugged use in the great outdoors. Our special paraffin-based wax gives your Filson garment extreme durability and resistance to wind and water, while remaining pliable for extended comfortable wear.   Follow these simple instructions to re-wax your Filson garment for maximum water repellency:


1. For best results re-proof your garment in warm conditions. If in sub-freezing temperatures, it may be necessary to stand the tin of wax in hot water to soften it.  



2. Brush all excess dirt from the are to be treated. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and cold water.   Warnin...

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FIL-405A-fp06_CATWhile others moved their manufacturing operations overseas, we wished them well and then built two more factories in the US. We’ve made our own goods here for more than a century and that’s not going to change. Our American factories allow us to keep an ever-watchful eye on product innovation and quality while giving us the capacity to manufacture even more of our own products. That’s the Filson way — a longstanding, stubborn approach, built upon practices and beliefs that have become increasingly more relevant over the last 117 years.05270009Since July of last year, we've doubled our manufacturing positions and retail employees as well as doubled our number of US-based retail stores. And that's jus...Read More
Filson MinneapolisToday, Filson is proud to announce the opening of our first Minnesota store. Our Minneapolis store is located in the North Loop near the Cedar Lake Trail, at Washington and 3rd Avenue. This shop offers a variety of Unfailing Goods such as signature luggage, leather accessories, apparel and iconic outerwear such as our 100-year-old Mackinaw Cruiser. It is located next to iconic watch brand Shinola, and features an indoor coffee shop and comfortable seating for a relaxed, inclusive shopping experience. Filson Minneapolis228 Washington Ave. N.Minneapolis, MN 55401612-338-5506FILSON MinneapolisFILSON 1WFILSON 5WSHINOLA FILSON EXTERIOR0006

We're pleased to announce the opening of the company’s first retail store on the East Coast. The approximately 1800 square-foot Filson store is located in the NoHo district at 40 Great Jones Street between the Bowery and Lafayette Street. Filson’s sixth location is next door to the iconic Beaux Arts firehouse, home to Engine Company 33 and Ladder Company 9 of the New York City Fire Department. Filson is delighted with this new opportunity to bring our unfailing goods to the New York City adventurer, said Alan Kirk, Chief Executive Officer of Filson. Founded as a rugged working mans outfitter, it feels right that Filson will be located next to a firehouse. The store offers a variety of s...Read More

Lined_Seattle_Cruiser1On March 3rd, we are celebrating the 100th Year of our Cruiser Patent. In honor of this, we’re giving away a jacket based on the original patent each week to a lucky Filson fan.

To enter, simply visit our Facebook page, find the appropriate contest posting, then “Like” and “Comment” on the post. At the end of each week, we’ll compile the entries and pick a randomized winner. For our first giveaway, the final time to enter was Sunday, March 9th at Noon PST. The winner of our first giveaway, by random selection, was Brant Boelts. On Monday, March 10th we launched our second contest and Dustin Meier won a brand-new Short Cruiser Jacket. Russell Stecyk won a classic Mackinaw Cruiser for the third...Read More
IMG_6722Have you seen the feature fly fishing documentary Low & Clear? If so, you'll know exactly why it was hailed as 'the best fly-fishing movie ever made' by Field & Stream and why Filson was a proud sponsor of this film throughout production. As soon as the credits rolled after the first viewing, we knew we would want to work with Finback Films -- the production company behind the film -- again on future projects. Now, we've finished final editing on "Open Door to Solitude," and five more shorts are coming soon. Watch the film first and then go behind the scenes with Tyler Hughen, a partner at Finback, as he details the story of Ed Zevely for "Open Door to Solitude."  Preparing for the Ed shoot ...Read More

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