Jim Caleb IsaiahKevin McDonnell is the President of Whid Isle Brittany Club, WA and is no stranger to hunting with dogs. Last month his club held it's 4th annual AKC Hunt Test in Fall City. During the competition two teenage boys with boundless enthusiasm made the test look easy.Our AKC club held its 4th annual Hunt test this year in Fall City, WA.  If you’re not familiar with Hunt Test, they are noncompetitive events, that a participant and dog is judged against a standard not against each other.  The basic premise is that you and your dog are judged as a team, not just how well the dog behaves.    Many participants use the off season to work with their dogs, to keep them in good shape for the upcoming hun...Read More
This weekend marks Michael Williams fifth year organizing The Pop Up Flea in New York City. As folks flock to the city from as far away as Europe to see the latest fashion trends of American iconic clothiers; Filson is proud to join the mix. Should you be lucky enough to be in the area, we invite you to swing by our booth to see both legendary and new Filson items. The shop is setup at 443 W. 18th Street (near 10th Ave.). As always, the weekend will be filled with exciting events and welcoming faces from your favorite companies. See you there! For more info, visit
Growing up in a family of hunters & fishermen has lead Kristen Monroe of to have passion for the outdoors. When she was young she loved waking up at the crack of dawn to go fishing with her older brother and dad. Although she was only allowed to fish for bluegills as a young girl she couldn't wait until she was old enough to cast for her first bass. Now she and her husband are looking forward to taking their own children fishing and sharing passion for the outdoors with them.Shooters at the AGLOW ConferenceI don’t do it to get rich. I don’t do it for fame and glory. I share my passion of the outdoors with hopes of inspiring others. Being an outdoor writer is a not an easy gig. It’s somewhat competitive and ...Read More
Filson Life guest blogger Dennis Lynch, knows  good horses when he sees them. If you're planning on throwing some cash down this Saturday on the Kentucky Derby or just want to be able to "talk shop" at a Derby Party, take some advice from Dennis. We're going with, Bodemister! Let the races begin and best of luck.International intrigue, rivalries, princesses and paupers all come together this Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky in hopes of grabbing the most sought after prize in thoroughbred racing... The Kentucky Derby.They spring the latch at 6:24 pm and the hopes and dreams of hundreds will be sailing past the stands along with the horses. The winner gets $1,459,600 out of the total pot of $2...Read More
 The Filson & TruckVault Northwest Challenge kicks off on Friday! We literally can't wait to get the 3-day sporting clays shoot going at Seattle Skeet & Trap Club. We hope you will be joining us and making a weekend out of one of our favorite sports around with some incredible people and talent. We will be awarding prizes and cash payouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of all classes (master - hunter). If you're interested in joining us, please visit or call (425) 413-1421 for more information.Bring your Filson shooting gear (we'll be wearing the short sleeve shirt), your family and friends, some good camping chairs and your shooting arm. See you there! 
Dennis Lynch was bite by the horse bug at an early age. He has never had a job that was not associated with horses – he gets to work outside, wear comfortable clothes and watch thousands of horses develop from foals to stallions. And in his opinion, there is no better life than this. In his latest post for Filson Life, Dennis looks back on a famous equine event that you won't want to miss after reading this.What makes runway models like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford so famous and sought after?  According to Google, requirements for a Runway Model include: At least 5'9'' Slim Build Great Hair A magnificent complexion Straight White Teeth A Professional and Unique "Look"Well, at the Kentucky T...Read More
As outdoorsmen and fisherman, Filson is proud to support the Save Bristol Bay road show. We’re thrilled that they began their tour right here in our home city. If you couldn't make it to the event, the organization has provided us with a informative recap of the event.The Save Bristol Bay Road Show had an auspicious start in Seattle Monday night at the Leif Erikson hall in Ballard. Nearly 300 Washington residents including fishermen, Alaska Natives, and sportsmen turned out to watch the award-winning film Red Gold and get engaged in the campaign to stop Pebble mine.Most of the people in the crowd signed thank you letters to Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for their support of the fi...Read More
National Communications director of American Rivers Amy Kober takes us behind the scenes of the Elwha Dam removal and its effects on the state and river.A chunk of Elwha Dam sits on my desk. It looks like just another hunk of gray concrete, but when I see it I think of a blue-green rushing river, big spawning salmon, and lush old-growth forests deep within Olympic National Park.I was lucky – and humbled -- to be there when removal of the two dams on Washington’s Elwha River began a couple weeks ago. It’s the biggest dam removal project in history – the river’s Glines Canyon Dam is 210 feet tall. Tearing down these dams will restore more than 70 miles of habitat for salmon and steelhead in th...Read More

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These double tin pants have been around for 16 years! Filson fan Quinten still swears by the durability and functionality.

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The Cino Heroica is right around the corner and what better way to prepare for this event than to get to know a veteran rider, Chris Sauve and a brand new rider, Earl Craig. These two gentlemen truly exemplify the celebration of life through cycling. So let’s see what they have to say!  Chris Sauve Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a former Canadian lawyer who has lived in Kalispell, Montana for 16 years now with my wife and two daughters. I am a stay at home parent, keeping myself busy doing laundry, dishes, housework, cooking, home remodel, gardening, as well as the president of two boards, one of a Montessori school and the other of a private group of landowners of commercial pro...Read More

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