old farmerConservation isn’t abstract and ranching doesn’t reward those who disconnect themselves from nature. I learned these truths from Duke Phillips, or Big Duke, to his friends. For Big Duke and his family, ranching is a way of life.

Standing at a slim 6 foot, he carries the presence of a patriarch who has lived his dream, and still is. Crows-feet and weathered hands tell the story, one that began in the grasslands of Mexico as a young boy where Big Duke learned the ropes from his father and grandfather. You can read some of the story written across his hat, one built of beaver felt, tanned by a life in the sun, adorned by a silver pin of a sandhill crane. His silver belt buckle, dirt caked jeans ...

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The Need for Wild Places

American Bison standing in rolling hillsFilson’s content manager Craig Francis shares some thoughts on the value of getting into the wilderness and how Backcountry Hunters & Anglers supports the right for all Americans to do the same.

Filson HQ is, and has long been, in Seattle, Washington. We are a company rich with PNW tradition and have been supplying people for outdoor pursuits and work of all kinds for well over 100 years. The landscape of Seattle has changed drastically over the course of our company’s history and we find ourselves at the center of a booming city – one of the fastest-growing cities in the country over the last decade. While we are proud to call Seattle home, we do realize that time away from the city is cruci...Read More

Wind River canyon
For more than 50 years, LWCF has been called America’s most important tool in conservation. But all that was subject to change last September when authorization for the fund faced the legislative chopping block.

What is LWCF?
In the early 1960’s, heightened awareness regarding the depletion of natural resources and the increasing need for public recreation areas brought about the creation of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act. The idea was relatively simple; use revenues from the depletion of offshore oil and gas to protect and conserve America’s land and water resources. Each year, offshore oil and gas companies operating on the Outer Continental Shelf pay royalties into the fund - and ...

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Crossing Community Lines

lindsay fishing
When it comes to the outdoors, Lindsey Elliott does it all- climbing, mountain biking, hunting, fly fishing, raising chickens, growing food, practicing citizen science, and running a business, Wylder Goods. Because she has perspective from multiple and oftentimes separate communities, we asked Lindsey to share her thoughts from the cross-section.

Photos and words by Lindsey Elliott, Interviewed by Ashlee Langholz

You’ve spoken before about being a member of a “new generation of hunters and anglers.”  What can you tell us about this new generation from your point of view?

There is a growing number of newcomers to the hunting and angling side of the outdoor industry. I, am one of them. Though I g...

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Celebrating the Rivers of America

When I need to brighten my day, I go to the river. I walk along the shore or sit for awhile at the water's edge and listen to the swish, or the babble, or the exciting bubbly rush of flow. Always moving when the rest of the landscape is still, the river holds me rapt, and if I stare long enough, it mesmerizes and takes me away to a special place where the rest of the world—along with its eternal complications, everyday demands, and political disappointments—seems like a thousand miles away. And floating on the river is even better, drifting with the current wherever it goes.

Part of the appeal of rivers likely has an evolutionary context: our bodies are nearly 70 percent water, and every drop...

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portrait of Jim
In August of 1953, 18-year-old Jim Posewitz stepped off an overnight train onto the platform in Bozeman, Montana. He’d come west for the first time on a scholarship to play football for the Montana State College Bobcats. Over the next few years, Jim, known as “Poz”, would prove to be a pretty darn good football player, his college career culminating with the Bobcats undefeated ‘56 season and first ever National Championship. But this championship, while noteworthy, would be a small footnote to an extraordinary life dedicated to a higher calling.

Poz writes about the moment he knew Montana was home in his recent memoir, My Best Shot. It was in November and he’d accompanied a teammate home to N...

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Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest


Greg Peters is the Communications Director for the National Forest Foundation. This year they have launched an initiative to replant 50 million trees in areas that have been burned or affected by insect infestations, disease or other natural causes. Here, he shares a story of a recent trip into the hills and a
first-hand encounter with the beginnings of a forest fire. 

Disoriented and confused, my eyes fluttered open. Lightning flashed in my periphery and I felt a few light raindrops hit my sleeping bag. “Damn,” I thought, “We’ll have to sleep inside.” Thunder boomed in the distance and I willed myself fully awake.

“Holy shit!” Aaron called out. “Ben, wake up.”

Ben, our friend and host, was sle...

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hotshots hiking up the hill
In nature, wildfires are a natural tool that can have positive effects on an ecosystem’s native wildlife and vegetation. However, when left uncontrolled, a wildfire presents a serious threat to the human life and property
in its path. Interagency hotshot crews comprise elite ground-force wildland firefighters who are the first responders to wildfires in any jurisdiction of the United States. Based just outside of Salt Lake City, the Alta Hotshot Crew is a faction of Utah’s Department of Natural Resources, fighting up to 30 fires around the country each summer. The photos below are from a training exercise days before their fire season started.

When a wildfire is detected, human instinct immed...

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Faces in the Fire

Alta hotshot crew all standing on a hillside
This season, Utah's Alta Hotshots roster is made up of 23 adrenaline-seeking conservationists ranging in age from 20 to 38. They come from all over the United States to be part of this high-functioning team, and even have a member from Sudan. While each crew member has their own motive for spending the summer chasing wildfires around the country, they all share one trait — they’re world-class wildland firefighters. Check back in later this week for the full story.

crewmember portrait
crewmember portrait
Photography by Sam Raetz

Filson x Smokey: Campfire Safety


According to the USFS, 63,546 human-caused wildfires burned nearly 5 million acres across the U.S. in 2017. With the 2018 fire season now underway, it is important to remember that no precaution is too small when it comes to fire safety. Here at Filson, we love spending our summers outdoors and encourage everyone to practice Smokey Bear's campfire safety best practices on their adventures this summer.

Smokey Bear campfire safety checklist
Video for Filson by Red Petty
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