An oldie, but a goodie. That’s just what Filson’s Forestry Cruiser is. The initial iteration of the Forestry Cruiser, originally dubbed the “Woolen Cruising Coat,” first appeared in our 1922 catalog with the option to order the style in Forestry Cloth. Forestry Cloth, a woolen of rare quality, was originally developed for use by the U.S. Forest Service.  The material was a specially prepared, worsted wool that was tightly woven with two-ply yarns in two directions for durability. Only the finest long stable fibers were used to create a beautifully textured, long lasting, and comfortable coat. In our 1934 catalog the design was formally introduced as style No. 16, the Filson Forestry Cloth Cruising Coat. By 1972, the Forestry Cloth Cruiser, and matching pant, were staples of outdoor enthusiasts. The set’s tailored design, dressy appearance, and durability under rigorous outdoor conditions led to the common nickname “The Outdoorsman’s Tuxedo.” The style remained in our catalogs through 1989. Today in 2012,  we are re-releasing style No.  16― we’re bringing back the Forestry Cloth Cruiser Coat. Last in the Filson inventory nearly 30 years ago, the Forestry Cruiser is back in production today, available in a numbered edition of only 1,897. Each Forestry Cruiser will be individually numbered, and once all pieces have been sold the pattern will be restored to our vaults. The Forestry Cloth Cruiser is the second release in the Filson 1897 Collection. The Filson 1897 Collection was launched in Fall 2011 to pay homage to our iconic silhouettes throughout our 115-year history. The limited edition capsule re-creates marquee styles restored from our archived pattern vaults, bringing back to life historic garments with materials and techniques that are purely Filson. The 2012 revival of the Forestry Cruiser reintroduces the classic design in forest green and features similar design elements to the 1934 model, including: a double-pocket across the back, four large front utility pockets, additional pencil and compass pockets and an interior pocket that allow sufficient space to stash essentials. This authentic replica Cruiser is heirloom quality, beautiful in texture, light weight in design, yet will afford protection from cold, wind and rain for years to come. The original 1919 Forestry Cruiser is up on display in our store in Seattle at 1555 4th Avenue South. Get your own piece of history that will last you a lifetime by ordering our limited addition, Filson original, Forestry Cloth Cruiser.