Our Web Graphics and Catalog Creative Manager, Anne Smith, takes us behind the scenes on a flight with Kenmore Air, to Lake Isabel in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains We totally lucked out with the weather for our photo shoot!  In true North West style, it had been raining for a week solid and we slipped in with the only clear day on an otherwise wet, rainy forecast.  It wouldn’t have mattered with all of our bomber wool and oiled cotton Filson gear but we needed visibility for the plane to take off.  Kenmore Air is a local, Seattle company with whom we have a kindred relationship.  They fly folks into all of the wild, wonderful places we like to be, and we outfit their crew and people like ourselves who like to go to those places.  A floatplane trip was a natural idea to photograph a few of our Filson staffers doing their thing and just being themselves taking a trip into a wild, remote alpine lake to set up camp for weekend in the woods hunting and fishing.  Our three “models”, Ben, Andy, and Amy are all Filson longtime staffers and true Filson wearers…walking the walk and talking the talk. Our pilot, Kevin, was a natural….wearing Filson and living “the life.”  Our local photographer, Frank, brought a keen eye and spontaneity to the day capturing angles and ideas that we hadn’t thought of before.  He was everywhere…eye level with boots in sand, up to his armpits in freezing lake water, and bushwacking up thick, dense mountain hillside all in order to help us see Filson and the people who wear our stuff in a new way.  The idea was to convey that this is what our clothes are made for …to live our lives and do everything we love doing in a quality, authentic way.  That’s what we’re all about.  The day was perfect, we caught autumn color in full swing, had a soggy campfire to dry out wet socks, a few good laughs, big crispy, sunny blue skies and frosted mountain tops to boot.  We all wished that everyday in the “office” could be the same.  Check out some snaps from our trip, meet Ben, Andy, Amy and Kevin, and see how it all happened. PS…Alpine lake water in late autumn is the perfect temperature for keeping a sixer of PBRs the perfect temperature for an end of the day “cheers.”