Filson fan Kristina Combs seems to never leave home without her Filson All Season Raincoat. From hiking to fixing fences, she loves it because of its ability to keep her warm all while being so light. I guess her husband knows what to get her for next Christmas!

My husband bought me a Filson All Season Raincoat for Christmas 2010 and I've been wearing it ever since, fixing fence all winter and now in the summer we trek through the Coast Redwoods of Redwood National Park almost daily. I LOVE my coat! Most importantly, it's WARM and light enough that I choose it over anything else! The coat keeps the chilly wind from thePpacific off of me and the cold summer fog up in the Redwoods doesn't stand a chance. The expandable cargo pockets are always stuffed with my Filson wool gloves and there’s tons of room to spare! Thanks for such a WONDERFUL coat!