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GUEST BLOG: Mark Huelsing, The Heritage of Hunting


 We at Filson Life are excited to introduce the first of many guest contributors. In this series, we’ll share personal stories from leading bloggers in a variety of areas of expertise. From ranchers to shooters to photographers and travelers, Filson Life contributors will give you an insider’s look at the Filson life.Our first feature comes from Mark Huelsing of Sole Adventure, whose blog originated on the idea exploring the outdoors on foot. He shares the irreplaceable traditions and lessons he learned from his grandfather and which continue to transcend generations.The alarm on my watch went off at 4:30 AM.  I hopped up and dressed in layer upon layer, the whole time noticing so many thin...Read More

A day in the field

A day in the field

Patti Beasley has found her perfect pair of hunting pants. Not only do they keep her dry and warm, but her dog loves them too!

Even a cold, snowy day can't keep me from enjoying a day in the field with my pointer, Stetson.  My Filson ladies hunting pants not only look great, they also keep me warm and dry and protect my legs from briars. I love these pants so much they are my favorite hunting pants that I own. I guess that explains why Stetson goes crazy with excitement when he sees me put them on. WE BOTH LOVE THEM!



Filson Keeps You in the Field

Filson Keeps You in the Field

During a rainy few hunting days in Ohio, Gary Scotton discovers just how helpful his Filson clothing can be. His ability to stay dry and warm kept him out in the elements longer than his fellow hunters and allowed him to take home one of his best prizes to date.Opening day of the 2007 deer season in Ohio was a constant downpour. With temperatures in the upper 30s and a constant downpour, the season could not of opened any worse! From sun up to sun down I saw the waves of rain coming across the valley. While most of guys returned to camp early for lunch and quit early that day, I was able to stick out the entire day. My wool camo jacket, bibs and vest kept me amazingly dry. I hung my clothes ...Read More

Filson gear is made for Michigan winters

The cold Michigan winters have made Rich Thomas a Filson lover.  He is an avid fly fisherman and upland bird hunter and never takes off for an adventure without his Filson merino wool gear on.I am an avid Filson lover and I winter steelhead in Michigan where the average temp during January is 17-22 degrees. I wear a base layer of  Filson merino wool and heavy weight merino wool socks with my Simms exstream gortex waders, and then a fleece layer over this with a Gortex jacket. I fish hard all day, I always wear mernio wool till the temps are above 32, then its my Patagonia Capiline. 

2011 Filson Youth Shotgun Clinic at Top Gun

We recently completed our Filson Youth Shotgun Clinic, with Andy Duffy, during the 9th Annual US Western Open. The event was held at the Top Gun Club, located in Mt Vernon, WA, an hour north of Seattle. The clinic consisted of five NSCA juniors/subjrs that were drawn this year from three different tournaments that Filson is intimately involved with. WA State Sporting Clays Championships, OR State Sporting Clays Championships and the Filson Open. The “Lucky Five” received a free entry to the Main Event and a three hour clinic. The clinic consisted of class room discussions about the “hand, head, eye, pace” importance along with hands on target shooting. Although the clinic was held last Thurs...Read More

The Filson Masters tournament

The Filson Masters tournament

We are getting ready for a big weekend of shooting, great company and the great outdoors at the Filson Masters Tournament and the 9th Annual Western Open, on August 4th through the 7th. The Masters will be a 200 target main event and 100  target preliminary event. The winner in each NSCA class will be awarded with a custom made Filson “master’s green” shooting vest with the logo seen above. We are also excited to have Andy Duffy on the grounds! He’s always reminding us of the core basics of the sport and that our youth is how the sport is sustained. More updates to come with live photos on our Facebook and Twitter channels! 

All Season Raincoat in the Redwoods

All Season Raincoat in the Redwoods

Filson fan Kristina Combs seems to never leave home without her Filson All Season Raincoat. From hiking to fixing fences, she loves it because of its ability to keep her warm all while being so light. I guess her husband knows what to get her for next Christmas!

My husband bought me a Filson All Season Raincoat for Christmas 2010 and I've been wearing it ever since, fixing fence all winter and now in the summer we trek through the Coast Redwoods of Redwood National Park almost daily. I LOVE my coat! Most importantly, it's WARM and light enough that I choose it over anything else! The coat keeps the chilly wind from thePpacific off of me and the cold summer fog up in the Redwoods doesn't stand...

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Wayne Crawford visits Filson Headquarters

Recently, Wayne Crawford, of Georgia, made a visit to our Flagship store before his vacation. Wayne needed to fix his travel bag and had some wonderful words to share about our support crew. Thank you, Wayne, for being a long standing customer of ours for 20 years. We're honored to have you as a part of the family!While flying into Seattle on 10 June 2011, for an Alaskan Cruise, one of my four Filson travel bags handle was broken in the Atlanta Airport. All things in the south go through Atlanta, even broken bags. The next morning, a Saturday, I took a Taxi to Filson Seattle Headquarters from my hotel with my bag and asked if there was an opportunity to have my pull up handle replaced.  To m...Read More

Tin Cruiser Protection

Lee Allen has much to be thankful for in his life. During a dangerous accident at work, his arm was stuck between pumping units. Thankfully his arm was saved thanks to his Filson Tin Cruiser jacket. He has been hooked on Filson ever since and recommends it to anyone working in an oil field.I work in Texas oil field was wearing tin cruiser while working on a pumping unit, the break slipped and my arm was in between pumping unit weights and fly well of engine .If I had not been wearing the tin cruser my arm would have been badly hurt if not broken or worse. Because of the tin cruiser, I was able to get my arm out . It did tear a hole in coat but left me unhurt. I recommend Filson Tin Clothing ...Read More

Scott Linden's "Bird Hunting Boot Camp"

All of us at Filson want to thank everyone who came out for Scott Linden’s “Bird Hunting Boot Camp,” at our Seattle Flagship store, on Saturday. A special thanks to our friend Scott Linden, and his dog Buddy, for hosting the event. If you didn’t get enough lessons from Scott, he has given us a guest blog post to share with all of you. Hopefully it will hold you over until next time.This observation gets the most nods and smiles at my Bird Hunting Boot Camp. The recent Filson Seattle event was no different. Just think about it for a minute or two and see if you agree. Buddy works hard to find birds before and after the shot. But let’s be honest. He’d rather take that shot bird and bury it tha...Read More
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