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GUEST BLOG: Rudy, What is Huntography?

GUEST BLOG: Rudy, What is Huntography?

When you talk to Rudy you can’t help but see a man who is passionate about the heritage of hunting and the stories it creates. We are excited to highlight season 2 of "Huntography" on Filson Life, which follows hunters in deer camps, over 12 states, all who have connected through social media and their love for American hunting. Everything kicks off tomorrow, safe Travels Rudy!Huntography is a grassroots hunting movement. I am on a journey to film and document the authentic stories and experiences of America’s hunters, one at a time. Through first person storytelling, I want to show what really happens in our deer camps. It’s a type of reality that has been missing from outdoor television an...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Ben Smith, End of the road fishing hole

Ben Smith of Arizona Wanderings is a junior-high social studies and science teacher that lives just outside of Phoenix, AZ. When he is not fishing or hunting, Ben loves to spend time with his wife and two dogs. His summer was spent fishing, hiking and exploring adventure. As his first featured blog post on, Filson Life, Ben discusses his return to a his favorite pristine pool at the end of the road where he returns to get the fish that got him last time.

The heavy truck tires crunch the small stones as I make the turn onto the washboard road that will take me to the trailhead. Even though I left the house at an ungodly hour and have never been beaten to the parking lot, my body still tenses a...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Dennis Lynch, Fall in Central Kentucky

Dennis Lynch has been around the outdoors his entire life and understands what a “good time” entails. That’s why in this addition to Filson Life, Dennis explains Kentucky’s most anticipated event of the year. We’ll give you one hint; it’s probably something that Secretariat never won.Seasons come and go in our lives and with these changes in seasons come different plans, events, parties and occasions.  Here in Kentucky, spring brings many things, including blooming Dogwood and Redbud trees as well as spring flowers.  As soon as these blooms start budding, so too are plans hatched for the “First Saturday in May.” It has been dubbed “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports,” and is one of the bigge...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Kristen Monroe, A taste of deep-rooted hunting

 After spending a few years of her life selling ads for the outdoors industry, Kristen Monroe discovered her true passion in life, hunting and fishing. Kristen loves to share her obsession with others by writing and giving motivational speeches to encourage individuals to spend more time in the great outdoors. In this post on Filson Life, Kristen explains what hunting is all about to her, including, camaraderie, good eats and the enjoyment of nature.For me, modern day hunting is not about the kill, it’s about camaraderie, food and enjoying the great outdoors.  It’s different than back in the day when ones family would go to bed hungry that night if they had a bad day in the field. Sometimes ...Read More

GUEST BLOG: The Elwha, Bringing a river back to life

National Communications director of American Rivers Amy Kober takes us behind the scenes of the Elwha Dam removal and its effects on the state and river.A chunk of Elwha Dam sits on my desk. It looks like just another hunk of gray concrete, but when I see it I think of a blue-green rushing river, big spawning salmon, and lush old-growth forests deep within Olympic National Park.I was lucky – and humbled -- to be there when removal of the two dams on Washington’s Elwha River began a couple weeks ago. It’s the biggest dam removal project in history – the river’s Glines Canyon Dam is 210 feet tall. Tearing down these dams will restore more than 70 miles of habitat for salmon and steelhead in th...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Tom Slaughter, Twelve Months of Hunting Part Two

  As Tom explained in part 1 of his Filson Life blog series, he is a year round hunter, there is no off-season. With his second installment with, Filson Life, Tom explains how he continues to prepare for his hunts in order to execute when it comes time to hunt.  Good luck out there this weekend!Location, check.  Tags, check. Permission, check.  Packing list, check.  With all of the planning completed for my Montana Elk and Mule deer hunt this fall, I am finally ready to continue with my year round rituals that keep me in the hunting spirit.   With the hunt just months away, there is still plenty to do.Once my rifle/ammo is selected, I check my clothing as Montana has some of the most brutal ...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Gary Lewis, Spot and stalk for Steelhead

Gary Lewis has been fishing on some of the Northwest’s finest rivers for over 20 years. He is award-winning author, TV host, speaker and photographer from Central Oregon. He has hunted and fished in seven countries on two continents and in the islands of the South Pacific. For as many trophy fish as Gary has helped people catch, he never seizes to take the chance to bag one of his own. In this addition to Filson Life, Gary goes into detail about one of his favorite Steelhead spots on the North Umpqua.

It was late August, towards the end of a busy summer. I craved a day in the water, the current swirling about my legs. I called my old friend Geoff Hill, packed my Filson bag, grabbed my waders ...Read More

My Favorite Filson

My Favorite Filson


These double tin pants have been around for 16 years! Filson fan Quinten still swears by the durability and functionality.

What's your favorite Filson product? Share a photo of you in your favorite Filson on our Facebook page today.


GUEST BLOG: Cynthia Drescher, Notes from a 757

GUEST BLOG: Cynthia Drescher, Notes from a 757

Cynthia Drescher is the Managing Editor of Conde Nast’s Jaunted.com. At any given time, you can bet that Cynthia is on the road or in the air, awaiting her next adventure around the globe. She fittingly lives by the motto, “If I can do it, I’m going to do it.” In her contribution to Filson Life, Cynthia goes into detail about her travels to Sin City. Not one her favorite destinations, but one that is not uncommon in her everyday travels. She gives us an inside look at what it’s like in her ‘temporary home.’40,000 feet above the Kansas/Colorado border. This is flyover country, albeit the western edge of it. It's also a temporary home for the next few milliseconds, as this 757 tin can continue...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Mark Huelsing, Children and the outdoors

Mark Huelsing, of "Sole Adventure," joins us again with his next guest blog post ‘Children and the Outdoors’. Like us, he is a big supporter of encouraging our youth to participate and appreciate the beautiful outdoors.  See below for his tips on how to inspire your children to be outdoor adventurers like you!One area of research that fascinates me is how spending time in the outdoors affects our lives in various ways. Research suggests, and my personal experience confirms, that spending time in nature is good for our mental, physical, and spiritual lives.  Spending time outdoors is good for all of us, but it is especially beneficial for children.  We live in an era in which most kids spend ...Read More
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