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Guest Blog, Peter Fiduccia, Dressed to Kill

Guest Blog, Peter Fiduccia, Dressed to Kill

Peter Fiduccia, aka the Deer Doctor, is truly an expert in the field when it comes to hunting. In his first blog with Filson Life, Peter explains a vital aspect to having a successful hunt and how he stays warm in the field, and his eyes on the prize, even in the most extreme conditions.The most important elements to a successful hunt include accurate shooting skills, cutting edge tactics, and maximizing time afield. Without the complete combination of these basic strategies, hunting success declines considerably. For example, on a recent hunt in Newfoundland my guide and I were forced to sit for hours at the edge of a bog in a small group of Tuckamore trees waiting for a bull moose to get u...Read More

Lesson learned

Steve Chase tells the story of one cold duck hunting day when his Filson kept him warm and dry while his friends hung their clothes to dry for hours.During the last days of duck hunting season in NC, my buddies and I headed into the Pamlico Sound. The weather was bad - blowing hard, raining/snowing sideways, and COLD. All the newest technical gear was out, and as usual, I took a ribbing for being a Filson poster child, wearing "old" technology. My waterfowl coat, waterfowl sweater and double hunting bibs have been a mainstay for hunting out of a boat for years. As the day progressed I listened to radio chatter about packing it in due to being soaked. The other hunters in our boat weren't enj...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Brian King, Photo tips for Sportsmen

Brian is a native of Michigan and has lived in Kentucky for over 16 years. He is an avid hunter, angler, and shooter. He has recently become quite the outdoor blogger and has inspired us to get out, explore and learn something new every day. Today he helps us capture our proudest moments out on the hunt through the lens.Part of enjoying the outdoors is taking photos to preserve our memories and share them with others. As hunters and anglers, we like to take photos of our game and fish. Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your "trophy" pictures. 1. Fill The FrameIt's important to fill the frame with the subject. Get in close and eliminate distracting objects and backgrou...Read More

Ben's sheep hunting trip

Ben's sheep hunting trip


Filson Fan, Ben Pentecost, shares a neat picture with us of his most recent sheep hunting trip. Check out those Filson gloves he used to stay warm!


Steelhead on the Oregon Coast

Christian Miner takes us on an incredible and scary journey off the Oregon coast. After being taken downstream in a river current, he was able to get back on the bank dry out his Filson waders and stay warm to fish a couple hours longer.During a steelhead fishing expedition at the Oregon coast in the late winter of 2010 I found myself crossing a rather angry river bend. The late winter/early spring snow melt was sending water down the river with a constant roar. The water and air temperatures matched at a few degrees above freezing, after all it was early march in the Cascade Mountains a few miles from the coast. With each step I took to get closer to the bank, the river current got faster a...Read More

GUEST BlOG, George Hickox, Tips to keeping your dog safe and healthy

For over 2 decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of dog owners how to train bird dogs. He believes that no dog is too old to become a good hunter and that no dog is too young to learn correct habits. George knows everything from A-Z when it comes to bird dogs and with a new season on the horizon, George’s guide to a bird dog’s safety is the latest addition to Filson Life.Heat is a big deal when it comes to a dog’s safety.  When it comes to heat preventative medicine is the best approach.  Keep the dog’s body temperature low and do not let the dog over heat.  Do not feed the working dog in the morning.  Feeding in the morning raises the dog’s temperature.  Also it requires water to dige...Read More

The Save Bristol Bay Road show in Seattle

As outdoorsmen and fisherman, Filson is proud to support the Save Bristol Bay road show. We’re thrilled that they began their tour right here in our home city. If you couldn't make it to the event, the organization has provided us with a informative recap of the event.The Save Bristol Bay Road Show had an auspicious start in Seattle Monday night at the Leif Erikson hall in Ballard. Nearly 300 Washington residents including fishermen, Alaska Natives, and sportsmen turned out to watch the award-winning film Red Gold and get engaged in the campaign to stop Pebble mine.Most of the people in the crowd signed thank you letters to Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for their support of the fi...Read More

GUEST BLOG: Judith O'Keefe, Just one last cast


Judith O’Keefe started off her fall with a fishing trip in Southeast Oregon. Her passion for fishing has developed over the years. Here she tells us about when she escaped to find a little fishing hole to call her own.When I hear the phrase, wide-open spaces, I think of southeast Oregon.  I’ve had an on going love affair with the region for quite some time.  The land is truly Big Sky Country with the majestic Steens Mountain, abundant wildlife, and a healthy watershed, which is one of the reasons why it is a major fly-way for many migratory bird species . . . and there are few people. In fact, Harney county boasts of having just one person for every square mile of ground.  Did I mention tha...Read More

Ready for winter in Filson wool

Ready for winter in Filson wool

Joseph Wallace has been adding Filson gear to his closet for 15 years now. With winter around the corner, he is getting his Filson wool ready for the cold months in Michigan.I bought the Filson Wool Packer hat about 15 years ago. It served me very well in late fall to late spring sleet, snow, and cold rain. I bought the vest shortly after and have had many years of comfortable hunting and ice fishing with that warm Mackinaw vest on. Last December my wife bought me a Double Mackinaw Cruiser coat. THAT put a whole new spin on winter comfort. Snow blowing, ice fishing on Lake Superior, and various other winter activities are far from painfull now. I spent 24 hours out in the sleet and snow last...Read More

1990 Yukon Cape Coat before the wave breaks

Peter Searson of Mill Valley, CA has been a surfer since 1979 and he knows a good wave when he sees it. But in Northern California, the best wave breaks come in the colder months. After discovering the Yukon Cape Coat in his brother-in-laws fly fishing magazine he was hooked to the warmth it provided before a surf. The coat continues to be his jacket of choice after 21 years. One day, he will pass it along so he can enjoy the simple pleasure of a morning surf.I have been a surfer in California since 1979. After moving to San Francisco in 1989, I realized waves really only broke well during the fall and winter months. Early mornings were brisk and my outerwear assortment fell very short of th...Read More
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