Rachel Condon of Calpine, CA has been wearing her Filson wool cruiser for over 15 years now. This is because whether she is volunteering for her local Fire Department, horseback riding, logging, hiking or on a pack trip with her donkeys, Rachel knows that her wool cruiser won’t fail her. Thanks for sharing your experience with our gear, Rachel! I've been using my Filson wool cruiser every winter for 15 years while working in the woods. It has outlasted every other piece of winter gear I own and is still in excellent condition, despite constant use in rough conditions. It still holds a great deal of warmth, has no holes or fraying, the color (red) looks good as new and by the way I do not dry clean it, I wash it! A little knowledge of how to properly wash wool is all you need- cold wash on delicate- soak if you are worried about stains, a little bit of vinegar in the rinse water, and air dry (place horizontal on a rack.) There you go no need to drive to the dry cleaners. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made!