The Forest Service is divided into nine regions. Region 6 is the Pacific Northwest, and it’s where we’ve called home since the day we were founded.

A dense, vast region, it’s filled with mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, five volcanoes and 19 National Forests. The Forest Service ensures that this sliver of the 193 million acres under their charge are available to all of us – hunters, hikers, campers, loggers, anglers – now and for generations to come.

The People of Region 6

Fighting Fire With Fire

“It really feels like we’re part of something that is natural and beautiful and has been unfortunately suppressed for far too long.”

– Ali Dean, Central Oregon Fire Management Service

The Life of a Smokejumper

“Once you’re in the plane, there’s no going back. We’ve never had anybody back away from the door.”

– Bill Selby, Redmond Smokejumpers Base Manager

Planting Beavers, Raising Waters

“One of the things we know is that beavers improve streams. Beavers make things better by adding complexity to streams to enhance everything that needs to happen out there.”

– Kent Woodruff, beaver biologist, Forest Service

Giving Rivers Back to Fish

“Wild fish need wild rivers. We’re all working for the fish. Coho were pretty much extinct in this area ten years ago, and now, look at what we have. We’re giving the rivers back to the fish.”

– Scott Nicolai, fisheries biologist, Yakama Nation

The Last of the Fire Watchers

“I tell people it’s like stepping inside a light bulb and then turning on the light. It’s wild.”

– Lightning Bill Austin, fire lookout

Understanding the Land Through Hunting

“Hunting is not something you can learn overnight or during a weeklong course. It’s a way of life. It’s a connection to your food source and the land, and I want to help people make that connection.”

– Bruce McGlenn, founder, Human Nature Hunting School

Fly Fishing's Unlikely Benefit
to Children in Need

“I can tell you that I’m making a far bigger difference in children’s lives doing this than I ever I have before in my life.”

– Bucky Buchstaber, founder, Fly Fishing Collaborative

Dedication. Service.

For over 100 years the Forest Service has been committed to the preservation and stewardship of America’s most precious natural resources: our public lands.

Through their tireless efforts, 193 million acres of grasslands and National Forests are ours to explore, now and for generations to come.

USFS Since 1905

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