Medium Duffle

No. 11070325
Medium DuffleMedium Duffle

- Filson Duffle Bags -

Our classic duffles are made with industrial-strength Rugged Twill imported from some of the world’s most iconic mills. They are held together with Pennsylvania-tanned Bridle Leather straps that go all the way under the bag so that it can hold more than you can carry.

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– Filson Fly Fishing –

Quick-drying shirts. Fishing packs built to the specifications of local guides. Nets that are gentle on trout. Fishing coolers. Polarized sunglasses that allow you to see fish and rocks under the water. Our fishing gear is built with the best materials available and made to the exacting needs of those who cast a line.

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– Men’s Shirt Shop –

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Lightweight Alaskan Guide

This all-season work shirt has the functionality and durability of the classic Alaskan Guide, but in a lightweight cotton that you can wear in every season.

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– Filson Classics –

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Small Field Bag

No. 11070230

This rain-resistant field bag has a saddle-grade Bridle Leather buckle-closure storm flap and a reinforced base. Bound seams add longevity, and an adjustable, removable Bridle Leather shoulder strap adds carrying options.

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– Home & Camp –

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– Filson Hunting –

Take advantage of full days in the field in any season with gear that’s built to last. Made with tear-resistant fabric and materials that repel rain, mud and blood, our hunting gear is field-tested by sportsmen to ensure it’s up to the task.

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- Ultra-Light Jackets & Vests -

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Original Briefcase

No. 11070256

This legendary briefcase is built with our signature Rugged Twill, an industrial-strength fabric that resists water and wear, and features vegetable-tanned Bridle Leather handles, straps and accents.

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– Filson Knives –

Robb Gray is a Seattle metalsmith and leathersmith whose mastery of the Sheridan style has earned him accolades and awards. His exclusive Filson knives are individually numbered and come with provenance documentation.

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– Gift Services –

Whether you want to personalize a leather item, don’t have time to do the wrapping, or just can’t decide what to give, we have the solution.

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Personalized Embossing
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